YouTube vids

Weird as it may seem, but I have been creating YouTube videos. As you may have realised by now that, I’m not a fan of showing my face. That in itself is slightly confusing considering that when it concerns poetry, it’s better for one to show one’s emotion visually. Shrugging my shoulders here because I have recited a few of these at The Poetry Cafe.

Do have a look, and let me know, what you think. Every Poem has its own meaning and each book has a part of a Writer in it. I guess it’s equivalent to saying ‘read me’

Check out My Writing to see the written version of all the poems.

I’m Writing This For You

For this poem, like and share if you so wish, but I feel like it’s more of a battle within that you’re fighting, and then thanking the person/people who have helped you to the extent that you would do the same.

I LOVE this poem. Not sure how many attempts it took me just to get it right. I’m sure you’ve Followed the Story through the words, and my performance at The Poetry Cafe. The third book of the Guardian series WILL be completed.
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I really do not know. Is it Love? Interpret how you wish, but do Like and Subscribe

Questioning whether it was right or wrong, is it right or wrong, and then coming to an inconclusive conclusion. This, in turn, makes you start again.