Wilted Flower

You are the most beautiful flower,
Not because of your colour, 
Not because of your soft petals, 
And not because of how stiff and strong your stem is,


Or should I use the word ‘was,’ because that is what most would use,

To me, you are still beautiful,
The slight rip on your petal captures my attention, 
Although to other others, your colour is fading, 
To me, it is just a mere change from one colour to another,

Your petals may no longer be soft,
And now surrounded by rough edges,
But that shows years of experience you hold,
And all that you have suffered,


You’re still beautiful, 
Because even if your stem is now not strong,
Even if you are now wilting,
It shows that you are weak,


That you accept your weakness until your final day,
Before you are plucked and removed,
And, accepting your weakness is far more beautiful,
Because you have withstood Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, 
Each time, to grow stronger,

Is this not what beauty is?

© Fatima Begum


Wilted flower

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