Why am I writing this? Not entirely sure…

You know that feeling when you’re ill? You know, right? right? You don’t want to move from underneath the covers? Then you wonder, ‘I must have pleased God, one way or another, for giving me such a wonderful mother’ right? right?



You also think that you’re superwoman for going into work, especially when every single bone in your body felt like it may crumble due to the pain. Algebra, Fractions, Equations and one Formula after another, counting numbers; grammar, punctuation, synonyms, antonyms, analysis,

Do you know the definition of each one?

Do you know the definition of each one?

sentence structure, reading, explaining; children, 4 years, 5 years, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 years, all competing for your attention (don’t worry you love them all, but you’re ill remember?) Oh, and don’t forget the constant summary, feedback that you MUST write for each child for their parents. See what I mean…superwoman. I don’t think even she could do that! Can superman? Batman? Any superheroes actually?

So what does π mean? Can you work out the circumference of a circle?

So what does π mean?
Can you work out the circumference of a circle?

So, basically, both physically and mentally draining, when you’re ill, but you’re willing to come in, just so that you can help out those you work for. But, you’d do that anyways, right? right? 

"I have...no knowledge of myself as I am, but merely as I appear to myself" Who used this quote (I always use it to 'describe' myself by the way)?

“I have…no knowledge of myself as I am, but merely as I appear to myself”
Who used this quote (I always use it to ‘describe’ myself by the way)?

Wait, then you think ‘I can be a philosopher!’ since you wrote some strange ‘poems’ during your state of illness. Unusual ‘poems’ that you spread on various Social Media Platform. Do you regret it? A question you can’t seem to answer. Come now, how many can press away (or is it ‘type away’?) on their phone, whilst under the covers, hugging a hot water bottle, hoping, on all hope, that your body, hands and feet, turn from ice cold to, um, hot? Ok, thinking of synonyms right now: ‘something’ hot. 

But, this free time has been good to you.

Synonym: Antonym:

Synonym: ?
Antonym: ?

Yes, first few days concerned you, bed, pain, and refusal of food, typing down words, then spreading across Social Media so that now, it’s not just your family who knows how crazy you are, but now the world knows that you can write a bunch of rubbish, or is it beautiful, yet, unusual poetry? Good to you because you’ve, with your raspy soft voice, have spoken and sorted out all the ‘tax’ issues with Amazon (wonderful customer service!). Also understood all the fees and percentage that’ll give up. To be honest, not much of a choice. 

Again, caption?

Again, caption?

Anyways, so you feel a bit better, and finally, finally, finally can type up the interview with another talented author…Kelly Boyce.

You’ll enjoy it, I promise! Up in a couple of days!!

To finish or not finish? What a question to ask! Shall finish here though. Hope you enjoyed this (little) blog post. Maybe not educational, or about fashion, nothing on cooking advice (can’t cook myself unless circumstances require me), and no, not how to wear a hijab in various ways (only really know one way, call it laziness or preference), nothing to do with the weather, not even HISTORY or CURRENT AFFAIRS – although keep an eye out on my article section! 

This blog took a long time to write up…mainly creating the images by myself (what do you think?) and can you answer any of those questions? I do it on a daily basis…

I hope you enjoyed it!

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