When you publish your first book…

…you do a double take and rub your eyes with such force that you feel as if you’ve just pushed them deeper into their sockets. You want to bite your nails, but hygiene wins over you (thank you hygiene). You want to hide from the world, but your day job pulls you from your hiding spot (thank you work – can’t believe I just thanked work). Then again, did you have a hiding spot considering your mum is constantly worried about your health and won’t rest until she knows where you are (I do love you mum, but sometimes…)?

Finished arc...I think it's a pretty good...

Finished arc…I think it’s a pretty good…

You give it out to authors and patiently pray that they would read it and give you feedback (Ok, I’ll admit – the constant ’email’ checking going on). You give it out to friends, and patiently await their verdict (Yes, you annoy them to the core to know whether they 1. read the book and 2. feedback feedback feedback). You send it out to your work colleagues and managers (Yes, again, you annoy them, ask them every time you see them if they’ve read the book). But, in all honesty, they know you, so if anyone’s feedback are valuable at the moment, it is with those you have interacted with, worked with, developed wonderful relationships with and you know they would be honest.

The above happened to me, although, when it will stop, I do not know. Time will tell.

Today, I just want to state two things. I guess it could be three, maybe four/five as I don’t seem to stick to the initial topic.

Part 1 of my arc

Part 1 of my arc

So, for my first book, I described a tunnel that Kray and Lily walk through. I hope you all could imagine it! I pictured it in my head, and I would honestly state, if this story became a production, this tunnel made of vines, flowers and branches would beĀ the important prop for me. An image was etched into my mind so deeply that I could not only picture it, I went as far as picking up a pencil and a piece of paper, just to sketch/draw it out. Pencils can do wonders!

Now this sketch required a lot of effort and dedication – I threw procrastination out the window. So I’m actually

Part 2 of my arc

Part 2 of my arc

quite happy that I could draw it down. I wonder how you all imagined it all. Would love to know!

I tried colouring it in, but completely ruined it! Do not worry, I have a scanned copy, which I shall outline with black ink, the rest – including the colour of the actual tunnel, I will just imagine. Of, course, I shall scrunch up the ‘coloured’ version and throw it in the bin. So, one thing I did learn…I am no good at colouring in a detailed image…but I am sort of good at drawing. Well I think I am, I hope I am, maybe even a little? What do you think?


I completely forgot to say ‘Happy New Year!’ So I’m sort of a day or two late. I sincerely hope that in your heart will forgive me.

I did plan to mention a few others, but things have just gotten in the way. I plan to next write about my experience with attempting a full time job as I know many people can relate to it. I also intend to touch on the ‘marriage’ cycle for majority of Asians.



Some special effects – simply constrasting, brightening etc. So what do you think? I know I’m not great!

A day delayed….only drew it out of procrastination! Not good, I know. I much prefer writing though!



Therefore, I shall apologise now for the short blog! But, the next one may be slightly longer. I really want to explain how I see Kray as an angel in another world, so be prepared for that!

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