Tutoring/UK Elections/EU/Politics and Me!

Yes it has been a few months now since I last wrote on my lovely blog so to make up for it, I’ve decided to write about something very different.

As you are aware, I like to focus more on current affairs and many of my posts relate to the subject of History. But today I want to focus a little on my own job in Education.

I work as a Maths and Literacy Tutor for an organisation. I’ve decided not to mention the name of the organisation I work for simply because I do believe in being loyal to the org you work for.tutor 2

So many people tend to question why I am a tutor. With my degrees and work experience, should I not have established a career by now? Hmm, well I graduated exactly when the global economic crisis began. Banks collapsing, people losing their jobs, recession hitting Britain pretty badly. So there goes my chance of getting a job with my degree. So of course, I decided to spend MORE money and invest AGAIN in education…spent over a year completing my MA. So now (and I technically should be happy I guess) I have a postgrad degree. So what next? Well…um…I just spent all my savings in another degree and the economy hadn’t picked up, and although I STILL had my part time job to fall back on, applications weren’t successful…well I knew that would happen.

So…I thought ok, let me get as much work experience as possible. Fast forward…I have completed more work experience than a normal person should do, even with my degreeS and apparently the economy has picked up. But I don’t feel it at all. David Cameron and George Osborne can scream, shout, bellow that things are looking up, but I’m positive an ordinary British citizen will disagree. I mean I myself disagree and as a postgrad in International Politics and absolute LOVER of Politics have a bit more understanding than a normal citizen.

Now I don’t want to campaign/advertise/promote for one political party over another considering the elections are a few months away, but I shall definitely NOT be voting for the Conservatives (Never have, and most likely, never will!). Of course I would never vote for the Lib Dems, they have lost ALL connections from the party of Lloyd George. Actually, forget Lloyd George, do they have any idea who the Whig party were?! And there’s really not much to say about UKIP. Even mentioning UKIP on my blog is taking A LOT of effort. Few questions to their supporters however:

1. Do you have any idea about UKIP policies at all?

2. “A vote for UKIP is a vote to leave the EU” is one policy they tend to throw at us (if only they could quietened down even slightly). But do you have any idea about the EU? What it actually is? How it functions? So why would you support Britain to leave the EU?

3. Do you realise how many jobs are at stake if we LEAVE the European Union (EU)? When the recession hit Britain, there was a rise in suicide due to unemployment levels…so you’re agreeing for that to happen to others?

Yes of course there are disadvantages of being part of the EU, we survived complete economic demolition by not joining the Euro currency, but we need to look at the advantages. If you’re not concerned about others losing their jobs, then think of the safety net it provides against criminals.

But if you have no idea about the EU, please read this website, just a quick skim will suffice!

One final point…the Tories have been promising a referendum, but what use is a referendum if the population have no working knowledge of the organisation?

Just think a little…would buy a house based on what three four people say or would you make the effort to visit the place, look around and then decide to buy it? Same question to students too….would you apply a place in Uni because of what some people merely state or would you spend time reading up on the course they offer and suitable it is?

Anyways, back to Osborne and Cameron…

Now what were they stating? Britain’s deficit is down so we should all be jumping up with joy right? Unemployment level has dropped so lets all link hands and dance in a circle right? But wait…Camborne (Cameron + Osborne = like the team name? Should I hashtag it?) can throw figures at us concerning un/employment level, and to an extent they are correct. If my reading is correct, according to the Office for National Statistics, the last quarter (September 14 – November 2014), unemployment level dropped by 2.9% Is that not great? But Camborne never elaborate. They seem to always stop at the ‘figures’. No mention of the 0 hour contracts, temporary jobs, types of jobs out there! No mention on the wages are made either. No comparison are ever made between level of pay and price of living standard!! Actually, apologies, Camborne have decided to push for rise in wages as the elections are around the corner. More stats are available here.

I really want to delve further in debt and deficit issue, but I think BBC explain the differences here very nicely 🙂 Please have a look.

FullSizeRender (12)We have the elections around the corner, the last thing you want is to fall for propaganda from each party. I studied History and Politics, so indirectly learnt how to manipulate figures/data and how to use evidence to suit my arguments easily (now a skill to be honest), so imagine if an ordinary citizen as myself can manipulate figures, how much would a politician, a political party full of PR and Account Executives can do.

Ok so I seem to have (typically and as usual) moved down into politics. But I do want to rewind back slightly. Camborne have been stating that people are better off now than they were before as the economy is picking up, but a question I want answered, as do many many many others, why the hell are there foodbanks existing in a FIRST WORLD COUNTRY with the FIFTH LARGEST ECONOMY?? Some more stats for you lovely people…according to The Trussell Trust, 913,138 people were given 3 days’ emergency food and support in 2013-2014. That’s almost 1,000,000 people in need of food. So, um, when you go off to vote, just be careful not to fall for the lies from Camborne. Us general public are doing more of a job to keep things together, looking out for each other than any politicians, not could but would  do! Well done to us. If you want to get involved in some volunteering, check out The Trussell Trust site here.

I know I have been throwing one link after another at you, but this article in the Independent here is really interesting and opens your eyes.

So…well…um…it seems that my focus on Education has gone out the window, sorry about that.

But if I quickly go back to my original point, well touch on it as the blog seems to have gotten a bit too long:

I’m working as a Tutor. This of course is not a career, rather it is a job. I do still wonder when I will get an opportunity to actually have a career. Don’t worry, I don’t ever plan to commit suicide, although I do happen to fall ill more often than others :)! Ok going off course. I personally think I have a pretty nice CV, but naturally the more you wait, the more doubtful you become of your skills, of your level of knowledge even. I’m a huge LOVER of books whether its fantasy books such as Harry Potter or Psychological Thriller e.g Death Note (Absolute Genius. MUST READ) or crime such as the complete set of Sherlock Holmes books. Of course, naturally a huge fan of 17/18/19th century stories by Charlotte/Emily/Anne Bronte, Elizabeth Gaskell and Jane Austen. Yes, there’s definitely more. But that’s all fiction. Fiction aids your imagination, but books by Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkelstein broadens your knowledge. So yes, an avid reader of books relating to various historical eras, and books on politics!

I have reason to include my passion for reading actually. I love writing, whether it articles based on current affairs (quite a few published articles already) and fiction (a link to my ‘short stories’ can be found along the bottom). I’ve completed one short story so far, on the verge of completing the second on and thinking of following it on with another one.

I work with kids, and I genuinely do love it. Some kids are just amazing, others are…well… Anyways, as I work at a centre with ALL ages on both Maths and Literacy at once, it can be one of the most stressful jobs I’ve ever done. Perhaps because it’s not my passion, perhaps because I’m not employing the skills that I’ve worked hard for, perhaps because there’s no chance of progression. So many factors. But I blame the government for my predicament as usual. Certainly the companies that I have applied for has annoyed me. Just a quick reminder, this is NOT a blog of letting out my anger etc 🙂

It’s hard to wake up in the morning thinking, maybe today would be different…not the case even to the most optimistic person, especially to a person who believes ‘things happen for a reason’ or ‘something bad might be happening now, but something positive will follow’.

Back to tutoring, I don’t just tutor kids, I tend to work with parents and run the centre along with tutoring. The hardest and most stressful aspect is when writing up individual reports, compiling examples of their work whilst still tutoring and then summarising their performance for the day. Imagine having an hour to complete all this for 6 children at once, different ages, doing different activities. Hmm not something I studied for.

I do love the interactions with the children, had done quite a lot with businesses in my previous jobs. So something very different. Although one skill that I have developed is patience and being strict. Even when I was managing a store previously, I was never able to employ the ‘strict’ skill, But now I’ve realised the importance of it. It hurts more to use it against a child than to an adult, who should know better. My main criticism to the organisation is the fact that a tutor does more than carry their job out as a tutor for a meagre wage. They don’t seem to be valued as they should be. A child actually told me to leave this job and work for her mum and that her mum would get me trained from scratch and technically pay 3x my usual wage. So sweet right?

So what am I looking for? For the government to get their act together, not likely to happen if another Tory government takes power. Hmm maybe be given the opportunity to use my skills.

I want to end it with politics AGAIN…the children are our future, and Education plays a HUGE role in their lives. The change of policies affects their outcomes, which to me is pretty depressing. I sincerely do not want them to go through the mess I went, no no, not went rather, going, through.

As you also see. I haven’t much criticised the Liberal Democrats as much. But it’s only because I sincerely feel sorry for them. Once upon a time the media disregarded the party, therefore, never covered them. Nick Clegg was able to change all that 5/6 years ago. But their joining forces with the Conservatives/Tories has changed all that once again. No media coverage of the party means no idea of what’s happening to the party. It really in pathetic that UKIP are having more of a coverage than the Lib Dems. Life would have been much worse if it was a full Tory led government. That’s a fact. And before anyone criticises my for not bringing in Labour in all this mess, well I potentially could but I’ve taken up too much space today.

Soooo please have a read of my short stories and feedback would be great! (Just need to click on the title:D)

‘Guardian Angel: Me Us Them (Part 1)’ completed. Was able to gain feed back from two novelist!

‘Guardian Angel: Before and Now (Part 2)’ still in progress….

‘My Land of Dreams’ still in progress – novel.

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