Tutoring, Writing, and Me

To those who ask me why I do not vlog, my simple answer is…it’s time consuming and writing is so much better! With blogging, I can upload links, such as this and also this or even this. So it’s easier to go to the page by just clicking on it rather than typing it all out. Also, it’s easier as your fingers are just gliding across the keyboard! The speed your fingers work at is completely up to you, but need to be careful of procrastination (I’m working on it guys!). Oh, I’m not really sure about this, but don’t vloggers ‘retake’ like us bloggers and writers who just have to press the ‘delete’ button? Oh I don’t know!

Soooo, should we move on to writing?

I will admit that I have fallen behind on EVERYTHING! I have two books to write and I have not added any new chapters since April. I do have reasons, but I cannot use them to justify it. I also do not blog regularly. I’m trying to, but there’s just too much in my head at the moment. How do I explain everything? But then again, I’m a writer. Actually, I recently had an interview, and the person was interested in my writing style. It was such an interesting discussion! I write in various style – journalism, author, blogger, poet – so I just classify myself as a writer. Though that was the thing. I broke it down. There are different writing styles in journalism, in fictional writing, even in poetry! It was just crazy. Trust me, it did NOT seem like an interview. I guess he was trying to make me aware of my skills. He also gave me advice and tips – this is where I touch on tutoring. Or should I say that it brings me nicely on to my next topic?

Tutoring…oh the lovely sweet amazing kids! I love the children I tutor! So many different personalities and you learn a lot from them alone! But the best thing is, they learn from you! Imagine when explaining to a child how to divide fractions or work out the circumference of a circle, and they actually LEARN and memorise it….you get this weird feeling. Feel content! Then you tell them ‘Oh, don’t tell anyone, but I’m an author.’ Then its the respect you receive from the children. It’s just another level. 

Trust me, you understand, even if you do not experience it. 

It’s a bit like love. Not everyone needs to experience it to know how it feels. We create our own definition. Just like we create our own definition of ‘respect’ when it comes to the children. You cannot always control love as it plays with your emotions – makes you happy, yet gets you angry, but you LEARN to control it. With the children, you enjoy working with them, but behaviour management can become an issue, how do you control a child who wants to just talk – you learn their behaviour, and adapt to control it. 

Actually, that follows nicely on to me. The above is about me -_-

Where do I start? You know that feeling when you finally accept that you have the perfect skills and experience? That feeling that you can in fact employ them in most industry? That you should be grateful and proud of everything you’ve achieved (books in schools in libraries, poems in Anthologies!)? Well there are some amazing people out there who recognise that and actually somehow make you accept it! That’s really all I can think of, but there are other things that I really want to talk about….

…I will, I promise. But I shall leave you with this…

Life is so complicated, you just don’t know where to begin, however, there is ALWAYS light! You Just need to find it!

Loads of love

Fatima xxxxxxxxxxxx

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