The War Inside

The War Inside

There’s a war inside of you
That you need to fight.
You need calmness restored,
But there’s no peace in sight.

You watch it burn you slowly,
You watch, each day.
If he was here now,
You question, ‘Would he stay?’

Yes, God is here,
God is always by your side.
But, has he given up?
This time, will you need to hide?

There’s a war inside of you.
You’ll fight it on your own.
You LOVE those who love you,
But they’re adamant that you not go it alone.

You smile at their stubbornness,
You treasure their love.
You’ll take their love to the grave.
But the war inside of you, that war is tough.

You look for him,
Where is he? Will he come? Should you wait any further?
But you remember Elbert Hubbard ,
‘Logic is one thing, and common sense another.’

You smile once again,
Because logic and love have joined force.
You care not for him any longer,
Neither will he bring you victory nor loss.

Yes, the war is still inside of you,
A war you need to fight.
But those you love are there,
At least now, there’s a little peace in sight.

© Fatima Begum

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