The Dream

Kray dropped his pen on the desk and leaned back against the chair. Closing his journal, he walked over and pushed it into his satchel. Dialling voicemail, he sat on the counter to hear each message. He heard his mother’s voice in three of the messages.

‘Ok, I will give you a call mother,’ he tilted his head upwards. Straightening up, he called his mother.

‘Hello?’ Mrs Kratos answered.

‘Hi, mother,’ Kray responded.

‘Oh, it’s you? You finally decide to give your old mother a call?’ She complained.

‘I know, mother. I’m calling now. I’ve just been busy.’

‘Don’t give me that excuse, Jeremy,’ she brushed off.

‘Ok, ok. I do miss you, you know. I really miss you,’ Kray moaned.

‘I know, darling. Do you want me to come over? Is it to see me, or for me to clear up?’ She asked, amusement clearly present in her tone.

Kray remained quiet, waiting for his mother’s decision.

‘Your silence can only mean the latter,’ she continued, ‘I’ll send the cleaner over.’

‘No, mother. I really do miss you. But, yeah, my room is a mess. I have no idea how had it gotten that way,’ Kray conceded.

‘Ok, let us forget all that. Now tell me, how are you? Are the dreams getting better?’

Again, Kray remained silent.

‘Hmm, do not worry. Hopefully, Dr Howard knows what he is doing. What have you cooked for dinner?’ She tried to change the topic.

‘Nothing yet–’

‘Yet? Look at the time.’

Kray looked up at the clock. Slightly astonished at the time, ‘It’s almost 11 pm, why are you still awake?’

‘Oh, it’s nothing. Ok, darling, I will see you tomorrow,’ she started, ‘and make sure to be on time. I know when you’re off,’ the line went dead before Kray could wish her a good night.

‘Running out of ties,’ he mumbled, as he pulled off his tie.

Jumping off the counter, he stretched his arms and body and then began undressing himself. He continued to pile his clothes on the overflowing basket.

Unbuttoning his shirt, and peeling off his vest, he heard a knock at the door. Can only be Daniel, he thought, as he made his way to the door, vest in hand.

‘Hi, Dr Kr-,’ his neighbour stopped. Her brown curls covered half her face. She brushed aside her curls and dragged her eyes to Kray’s.

‘Hey, Anna,’ Kray replied. ‘Sorry Anna, but my eyelids are pushing their way down,’ he said and rubbed his eyes.

‘Well, I just wanted to ask whether you would,’ she took a deep breath.

Kray stood in front of her with raised eyebrows. He could not understand what was wrong with her. She was always a bouncy girl. Maybe ‘woman’ was a better word, considering the way she was dressed. Her black outfit screamed seduction.

Anna tentatively placed her palm on his bare chest. ‘You’ve been building. I was just going to invite you for dinner,’ she whispered.

Kray looked down at her. Brushing her hand aside, he stepped back into his flat. ‘No, thanks,’ and shut the door.

He tried to picture Anna, in white. She never affected him, and he made it a priority to avoid her, however, now he could not stop imagining her in white. She seemed familiar.

‘Who are you?’ He said to himself. Walking to the sink, he splashed cold water on his face. ‘She’s just the awkward Anna,’ shaking his head, he rubbed his face.

Dropping onto the couch, he puffed the pillow and pulled the blanket. Closing his eyes, he knew he’d be dreaming of her again.

Kray walked up the path and noticed the green-eyed girl standing alone. He grabbed her arm and pulled her into him.

‘This is not right. You’re making a mistake,’ he seethed. He fisted his other hand and felt the bandage around one yet felt no pain.

‘You’re hurting me,’ she let out. Flicking his eyes back up, he could feel the hurt he was causing her. She had tears, but what about his tears?

The clouds had gotten dark and rain started spattering from the sky.

‘Please look at me. Please,’ he whispered as a lone tear slid down his face.

He put his hand behind her head. Her hair was smooth and silky. Pulling her forward, he touched her forehead with his lips, then tilted his head backwards.

Her eyes fluttered open. ‘Kray?’

Kray stood there, his bandaged hand still tangled in her hair. Something must have passed on his face because she turned and removed herself from his grasp. Not knowing what to do, he tried to pull her back.

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