Chapter Twenty-One

I tried to open the door, even pushed it with all my might, but nothing happened. It did not even budge. I began banging the door; no sound could be heard from me.

The boy had slid to the ground with his knees up against his chest. He was crying. Comforting him wouldn’t make a difference, so I looked through the keyhole.

The man was pulling his breeches off, his shirt and cravat thrown across the floor. It was like watching a lion stalking its victim; ever so slowly, the lion will get what he wants and fulfil his needs. The man looked hungry. My eyes moved over to the lady. She was up against the wall, all clothing had been discarded, except her under garments, yet she still tried to cover herself up.

‘No, Marie, do not hide yourself from me,’ he whispered as he pushed her hard against the wall.

She had given up. Her eyes told it all. It was completely quiet. Not a sound came out of her mouth, yet tears continued streaming down her face. Her dress, her corset, chemise, every piece, was scattered across the room, which showed that she had at least attempted to fight. Even her stockings were missing. I had read books about love before, but never imagined such a thing like this could occur.

He tangled his hand into her hair and pulled her head up. I could hear the pins hit the ground. I could hear his heavy breathing. And I could hear her shriek as his body hit hers. Her drawers were kicked to the side.

I don’t know if it was shock, or anger that kept me watching the scene, but it seemed like he was digging into her. Their bodies moving up and down, her hands grasping his arms, while her face was hidden behind her hair on his shoulder.

He finally gave a loud howl. Again, I felt an arrow shoot through my heart. I watched him pull her onto the bed. His mouth reached her neck.

‘No,’ he breathed out, ‘no, you will not fall asleep!’

She screamed again. He was probably digging his teeth into her this time. I could see her pull his hair.

‘There’s no use, Marie. Pull my hair, I’m enjoying it! I need to remember this. It’ll be different, when I come again!’

He was on top of her again, and that was when I decided that it was enough. This was too much to handle. I knew this would be engraved into my mind. Was this how the boy felt?

Would this man really come again? Why was I witnessing all this? Why me?!

I slid down next to the boy and felt my own tears. I wanted to hold his hand, comfort him. But how do you do such a thing to someone who did not exist? Was this a dream world?

Where was I? I closed my eyes and just prayed to get back to reality. To wake up from this nightmare.

I heard another scream. The boy and I turned towards the door. The man walked out. Not dressed immaculately as earlier. His cravat hung around his neck and his jacket in hand. He looked down at us.

‘I wouldn’t go in there if I were you. Your mother is changing,’ he smirked and wiped his mouth. Then he grabbed the little boy by his collar and threw him in to the room.

I scrambled up and followed him.

‘Mother,’ he whispered.

She screamed again and pulled the sheets to cover her body. The man was not done yet. He moved forward and pulled the sheets off, and grabbed the boy’s chin, forcing him to look at the naked woman. His hand cupped her breast, squeezing it to make her scream once more. She looked exhausted as the man took full possession of her body with his hand. He looked down at the boy and passed on a sly smile before wrapping his mouth around her breast, once again.

‘Go on Marie, scream for me again,’ he breathed out against her neck, ‘I love the sound of it.’

I looked at the little boy; he had closed his eyes and backed against the wall.

‘Please, not in front-’ she was cut off as she gave another shriek. I whipped my head around and watched her slump against the headboard. The man pulled his fingers out, lifted his head up slightly and inhaled deeply. I finally realised just exactly where his head hovered above and prayed that the boy hadn’t opened his eyes. He straightened up and looked down at her with a smile.

He turned towards the boy. ‘That’s your mother, right there. Fulfilling, but addictive,’ he drawled. Picking him up, he threw him onto the bed. ‘I’ll be back again. Please don’t fight me next time,’ licking his fingers, he then walked out.

I watched as the woman grabbed the little boy and pulled him close to her chest.

Darkness surrounded me.

(The hardest chapter I’ve ever written. It’s crazy. This is all new to me. Felt sick inside when I typed it. I hope I have caught your attention with this book so far!)

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