Chapter Six

‘He is just a little boy,’ Lady Williams pleaded.

‘Yes, a boy. The maids have heard you, your butler has seen it with his own eyes,’ Father Jones stated.

‘They are all lying!’ She continued pleading his innocence.

‘They would not lie in front of God. This has to be done. The neighbours cannot have an evil spirit living amongst them,’ he continued.

His dark robe looked darker, his grave face looked graver. ‘You had no right to hide it from the Church. An evil spirit lives amongst these walls, and you did nothing. Your words, your requests, your tears mean nothing,’ he concluded.

‘Father, the room is ready,’ John announced.

John walked up to Lady Williams and grabbed her by her shoulders. Shaking her roughly, he hissed, ‘Look at you! Look at what you’ve become. Your son has something evil inside him, and you want it to stay? Do you not care for him? This is the only way!’ He removed his hand and watched her drop to the ground.

Lady Williams wiped away any remaining tears and slowly stood up. She no longer held a look of compassion. Straightening her back, she turned to the priest, ‘Father, he is dead to me until the spirit is out.’

With a slight nod, he turned, ‘Then, let us proceed.’

‘Lady Williams, will you-‘

‘No, John, I will not need to see Michael before the ritual. I no longer know if I am talking to a spirit or my son,’ she cut in. She knew there was no other way to get her son back.

‘Lady Williams, everyone is here. But are you sure?’ John responded, slightly shocked.

‘It matters not. Has Paster Daniel, brought in the candles?’ Father Jones interrupted.

‘Yes. Yes, he has. The room is ready. Everyone has gathered,’ John answered.

‘The room will be dark, Lady Williams, so it would be best for you to enter through the door on the right,’ Father Jones pointed, as he rushed off down the hall.

The lamps along the walls were barely giving off light for all to see, but when one knows the walls inside out, even darkness would not appear as a barrier. That was exactly how Lady Williams and John felt, as they made their way down the passage.

John opened the door, ‘Lady Williams,’ he said and gave a final nod before shutting the door.

Lady Williams looked at the only light. A candle was attempting to light the room but all she could see was the table and the portrait of her young son. It hung on the wall and past on a lost and frightened look, as the candle flickered its fire.

Suddenly, she began hearing whispers. Again, she realised that she had blocked out all sound surrounding her. All she wanted to do was soak in the image of her small son, dark as it may have been.

Two loud thuds made all heads, including her head, turn to the right.


Gets intense, so be prepared for the next few chapters!!!

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