Chapter Forty Three


Looking up at Walker, I didn’t know how to respond. My hair was a mess and my hands were trembling. I was calm and collective one minute, then a complete and utter mess the next. What was this man doing to me? The sinister feeling that emanated from him did not faze me at all. It was the look on his face. The look that stated that this murder was just another murder case for him, yet he knew I was hiding something. The gleam in his eyes and the tapping of his fingers once again sent out a message to me.

What that message was, neither did I know, nor did I want to. I just knew that I needed to move!

‘Mum,’ I slowly stood up, ‘I’m going to my room.’

‘Darling, are you alright?’ She attempted to pull my arm.

‘No I am not. Maybe lying down might help,’ I mumbled.

‘Hmm, vials,’ I heard Walker mutter to himself. I could see that he was looking at the image again, but I refused to acknowledge him or anyone.

As soon as I was out of the room, I quickened my pace to my room. I was not sad. I was not grieving. I was feeling nothing. It was so strange considering I was pretty tight with my dad.

Walking into my room, I shut the door and pulled out the key from the drawer. The vials were in my wardrobe. I was sure of it!

Unlocking the drawer, I pulled out one and just gazed at it. Mum had said that I cleaned my own room so she can’t have known about them.

‘Why am I even looking at my vials?’ I questioned aloud. Exhaustion ran through my whole body as I slumped to the ground.

‘Because the vial full of blood belonged to you,’ someone whispered.

‘It’s all in my head,’ responded.

‘So now I do not exist?’ It asked.

I was slumped on the floor, ‘no, you do not,’ I whispered, ‘you don’t.’

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