Chapter Forty One

‘Yes, yes I do know her,’ I could see her hands shaking.

‘No,’ I let out a deep breath.

‘No? Kelly, what is going on?’ I slapped Jamie’s hand off my dress. ‘Just watch silently.’

I didn’t know why I was frustrated. I should be on the floor crying. Yet here I stood, wanting to hear him say it.

‘Who is she?’ He asked. There was no sound of triumph in his tone.

‘She works with my husband,’ she responded. Her eyes were fixated at the paper that Walker had slid across to her.

I screwed my eyes and tried to pay attention to every little detail. My mum held the expression of disgust. Her eyes refused to move up. Walker, on the other hand, was leaning back against the chair with his arms lying flat on the table. His body language indicated that he was relaxed, but the tone of his voice painted another story. The tapping of his fingers only demonstrated that he was excited.

Yes, he would be.

‘Were they close?’

I watched my mum’s head snap up.

‘Close? What do you mean?’

‘In every way, you can think of,’ he calmly answered.

She slammed the table again and jumped up. I watched as the chair dropped to the floor.

‘What exactly are you trying to imply? They worked together. That’s all!’

‘How often?’

‘She was his partner in the experiment that they were doing.’

‘There was no experiment going on unless we regard the one that you are currently undergoing.’

‘What? No that can’t be tr-’

‘Was he ever late home?’

‘Well, well yes. Sometimes.’

‘How did you get home?’ I could see the tapping getting faster.

‘One of my colleagues would drop me if he was late, but-’

‘Yes. I spoke to her. She seems to say that he must be extremely busy considering she’s been dropping you practically every working day. Tell me, what do you think of that?’

‘It means nothing. He was busy, he was late,’ even I could tell where it was going.

‘Mrs Smith?’

‘I would always wake up with him next to me.’


‘Not sleep with him next to me,’ she dropped to the ground.

I watched Walker stand up and slowly stride towards her.

Mrs Smith, simply by stating that you know the woman, that she worked closely with your husband, that they are working on an experiment that does not exist, and that he comes home late, one can only assume that they were together. Notice that I use the word ‘assume,’ no that they ‘were.’ Regardless, I have stated she was found murdered with your husband next to her, thus, how can you dispute that he is still alive?

‘He was with her?’ It was hard to see my mum’s expression with the damn table.

‘You two can come in now,’ his order made both Jamie and I jump. Jamie tried to grasp the door from the bottom, whilst I attempted from the top. We both stumbled forward.

‘Kelly, get off me!’ Rolling to the side, I couldn’t help but think how he had gotten so strong.

‘Mrs Smith, please stand up.’

Jamie and I rushed to our mum.

‘Mrs Smith, please. I have some more things to discuss. There is no point sending your children away, they have heard it all,’ he said.

Pushing us back, she somehow stood up and sat near Walker.

‘We found this,’ he handed another piece of paper to my mum.

Leaning over, my lips slowly tipped up.

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