Chapter Thirty Nine

‘I’ll get it,’ I rushed to the door before anyone else could stand up.

Taking a deep breath for no reason at all, I opened the door.

‘Is it raining outside?’ I looked at the tall dark figure that stood in front of me.

‘Is your mother home?’ His deep voice prickled my skin. Arrogance seemed to trickle down him as did the raindrops. Mum? Why not mention ‘dad’?

‘Yes, I shall just get her,’ I answered, ‘maybe you should have brought an umbrella with you too,’ adding loud enough for him to hear. ‘Please do come in and hook your jacket up,’ pointing at the hooks, I stated.

In the light, things seemed much clearer. The man was tall and had a shade of stubble that perhaps needed either looking after or completely shaved off. His dark hair reached just passed his ears. Again, either it needed looking after, although a haircut seemed to be preferable to me. Wide shoulders meant something, but I just could not pinpoint at what.

‘Will you be staring at me all day, or lead me to your mother?’ I jumped at his tone.

‘Oh yes, I do apologise. This way please,’ leading to the dining room, I continued to ponder over his looks. Wide forehead showed lines. He must frown a lot. His nose flared when he asked me to lead on. It was more of a demand, come to think of it. So patience was not something he held and he must work for something important if those lines meant anything. His eyes were dark. There was definitely a story behind it all.

‘Mum, someone is here to see you,’ that was the best introduction I could give. I moved back to my seat and completely ignored Jamie. He was looking at me again.

Placing his folder on the table, he turned to my mum.

‘It is about your husband,’ he stated. ‘I suggest you sit down.’

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