Chapter Thirty Eight

‘He still is not home,’ mum was on it again about dad.

‘He will be, mum, just relax. Any phone calls? Emails? Notes from the office?’I asked whilst laying the table.

‘Lay the table for four! You may not care much about your dad, but I do,’ she snapped.

I walked over to her and hugged her tightly. I knew she was tearing up inside, but one of us had to remain calm.

‘Ok mum, we cannot demand him to magically appear, but one thing we do know is that regardless where he is, he is there for a reason. Give it another day and ask around work, mum. Can you do that?’ I felt her nod against my shoulder.

She moved back and straightened, ‘Call Jamie, dinner is ready. Darling, I’m sorry for shouting,’ she rubbed my cheek and turned towards the kitchen.

At least she was not weeping yet.

‘Yet?’ I covered my mouth. Was dad in trouble? Was he involved in some accident that we did not know about? Did someone attack him? Wait, ‘did I do something to him?’

‘Kelly, you’re here,’ Jamie came bounding into the room.

‘Ah, Jamie. What are you doing here?’

‘Dinner remember? Kelly, what’s wrong? You look nervous,’ I definitely am feeling nervous.

‘Ha! Me? Nervous? What gave you such an idea?’ I forced a chuckle and ruffled his hair.

‘It’s all in your eyes, Kelly. Everything. Something is wrong,’ since when did Jamie become so observant?

‘So you can read my eyes?’ I raised a brow at him. ‘Alright then, read this,’ I bore my eyes into him. ‘It’s saying, help out with setting the dinner. Now go and collect the glasses,’ I pushed him lightly.

He kept his ground and continued staring up at me. His midnight blue eyes were starting to give me nightmares, although his face emanated a sense of innocence.

‘Kelly, be honest, how did you get that scar?’ He attempted to reach out as I took a step back. Slapping his hand away, ‘I said get the glasses,’ I snapped.

‘Then answer this question, where were you today?’

‘What is it with all the questions?’ Frustration was overtaking me, ‘curiosity won’t get you anywhere and since when did you start getting so inquisitive about my whereabouts?

‘Since you stopped talking to me. You rarely talk to me now,’ now his voice shook. First mum, now him.

‘You’re never around Jamie. You’re the one passing on strange smiles. Sometimes it’s like you’re telling me things, but I have to figure it out!’

‘But Kelly, I haven’t even seen you for the past few days,’ he whispered.

Was he denying it all?

‘Do not play games with me Jamie, you came into my room, or something like that. You seemed happy when I cut-’

‘Dinner is ready. Why are you kids just standing,’ mum was back.

Sighing, I turned to her and helped her place everything on the table, although I could feel Jamie still staring at me.

I had to do something about it.

Just as we sat down, there was a knock at the door.

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