Chapter Thirty Four

‘Mum, wait!’ I yelled as I rushed to reach her. But it was too late. I could hear the ignition and just imagined her driving off.

‘How is all this happening? How?’ I made my way to the bathroom. I needed to prepare for the day ahead and only had a limited amount of time.

Confusing myself was turning into a habit that I could do without. I was in one place, but then at the same time, I was in another. I was doing one thing, yet I had completed a whole row of tasks and had no recollection of ever doing them. I seriously needed to see the doctors.

‘No, no you don’t!’ I shouted. I took in the angry face, the red eyes and the hatred it was throwing back at me.

‘What did I just say? You?’ Shaking my head, I looked back at the face in front of me. Now all I could only see was fear. Lightly brushing the mirror with my fingers, my lips tip upwards. Leaning down, I splashed cold water onto my face.

‘It’s me,’ flicking my eyes back at the mirror, I whispered. This was definitely going to be a great game.

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