Chapter Two

‘No Peter, go back outside. Can’t you see that he’s sleeping?’ Lady Williams whispered.

‘Come on, Marie, let me just hold him before I go. You know how it is at work. I don’t know what time I’ll be home,’ Lord Williams responded.

‘No. Peter, later,’ she shook her head and held Michael closer.

‘Fine,’ he sulked, ‘I’ll come back later, but I’m taking him off you, then,’ he looked straight at Michael, with longing. ‘Just make sure he isn’t asleep,’ he added before exiting.

Michael slowly opened his eyes and yawned.

Noticing the slight movement, ‘Michael, oh, are you awake? Ooo, is my little Micky, awake now,’ looking down at Michael’s little face, she cooed. ‘You’re mummy’s little boy, aren’t you, my little Micky?’ Lady Williams continued cooing and rubbing his cheeks. His midnight blue eyes mirrored his mother’s. 

The simple touch of his mother’s fingers, the simple sweetness from his mother’s voice, and the simple look of love from his mother’s eyes made him smile. Slowly closing his eyes, he fell back asleep.

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