Chapter Thirteen

‘Kelly, Kelly, wake up.’

I suddenly swivelled round to see who called my name. No one. Turning back round, the chair stood empty.

‘Kelly, wake up!’ This time, a shout. Blocking my ears, I closed my eyes, yet I could still hear someone calling my name.

‘I am not crazy,’ I muttered continuously, as if my life depended on it.

Opening my eyes, ‘I am NOT crazy!’ I yelled.

‘I never said you were, Kelly,’ Jamie, instantly, responded.

‘Wha…what?’ I replied.

‘I never said you were crazy. Mum and dad are calling you. That’s all,’ he seemed worried. Must be, considering that I just yelled at him.

Finally finding my bearings, I picked up the sketches and threw them across the room. I could feel both sadness and anger. This was all getting confusing. ‘Come on, let’s go,’ holding Jamie’s hand, I pulled him out the door. This was ridiculous.

As we made our way down the stairs, I could see my parents all dressed up.

‘O.K, Kelly, all the doors are locked except the front door. That door, you’ll lock, once we leave,’ bending over to collect the keys, Dad said.

‘Yes, dad. I shall make sure it is locked,’ I replied.

‘Darling, warm up the food for dinner. I left it all in the fridge,’ Mum added.

‘Are you both not coming back in time for dinner?’ I asked. They could not do this to me.

Both Mum and Dad looked at me as if I had gone crazy. I can only presume that my tone was a bit over the top.

‘Well, yes. It is almost six thirty,’ Dad replied, looking at his watch.

‘That can’t be right, dad. I just had breakfast. I didn’t even have lunch,’ I said, looking at my wrist.

‘Kelly, watch?’ Now, Mum pointed at her wrist.

I looked at her, then at Dad, finally, at my watchless wrist. Did I just create a new word? Watchless? Or is it just me? I lost track of the conversation, completely.

‘Dinner is in the fridge and we might be late,’ Mum continued on, with a smile.

‘Go bed early, and make sure Jamie is asleep by 9 p.m,’ Dad said.

‘It’s, ‘to’, Dad,’ I smirked.

‘The electrician will be here tomorrow morning to sort out the electricity, upstairs. So, one more day with lamps, Jamie,’ Dad turned to Jamie. 

‘Are you sure that they’ll be able to fix it? They only sorted out downstairs,’ I mumbled more to myself. It was ridiculous that the only working bathroom, was downstairs. 

‘Do not worry, Kelly, your bathroom will be sorted out soon. Just use the downstairs one for now. It’s as inconvenient to us all, as it is to you,’ he said.

‘How did-‘

‘I Just do,’ he cut in with a smile.   

With a final kiss from mum, I was left alone with my younger brother. I wouldn’t go as far as calling this house haunted, but, I would put it on the borderline.

I slowly walked to the kitchen. Lighting a lamp, I made my way back upstairs and strolled into the dark room that held the paintings. Jamie had returned to his room.

Slightly apprehensive, I pushed myself forward. My lamp was doing a pathetic job of lighting up the room. It couldn’t fulfill the one reason of its existence. I walked in deeper, but the closer I moved inside, the darker it seemed to get. The room had an eerie feeling about it, however, I was adamant to reach the other end. I had glimpsed a door in the corner, when I stood with the lamp last.

Twisting and turning, I was finally free of all the unwanted furniture lying around. ‘They really should clean up,’ I muttered. Holding up the lamp, I located the door.

I was about to take another step towards my final destination until I heard footsteps. Turning around, I suddenly heard a loud crash. It was me, sprawled across the floor, among the furniture.

Noticing my hand empty, I instantly crawled around looking for the lamp that I had dropped. Fire was all I could think about, especially considering I was surrounded by wooden furniture.

The lamp laid shattered between the legs of a table, but, fortunately, the light had vanished. I use the word ‘fortunately’ cautiously as I was enveloped in complete darkness.

I couldn’t help but smile at my predicament. It is true, curiosity can get the better of someone.

‘Jamie!’ I shouted. ‘Jamie, can you hear me?’

I started to hear the footsteps once again. It probably was Jamie’s.

‘Jamie, I’m in here,’ I shouted. But there wasn’t a response from him. Now panic hit in. Was he alright? Did something attack him? Is he scared? Is he looking for me? My baby brother was probably worrying. I could picture tears running down his small face.

‘Jamie, can you hear me? I’m in here,’ I continued.

Then, I heard it.

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