Chapter Thirty Two

Blinding light shone through my window. It did make my room seem more welcoming. I shook my head and found that something was different.

‘How did I get to my room?’ Throwing back the covers, I looked at the time. It was 7am. Do I get up or sleep for another 2 hours at least? I slumped back into my bed; all the anomalies could be answered later. I tucked myself in and turned to face the door. That was when I felt 10 different things hit me at once. I jolted out of bed and walked to my shelves.

‘Shelves? But how?’ Sliding my finger across the books, I stopped at the end and could not help but be impressed by the crafting of the shelf. There were two small shelves containing all my large folders with some note books and a tall shelf full of my books.

I looked around to see if anything else had changed. My boxes were missing so I trumped across the room to my wardrobe. Every piece of clothing were either neatly folded or hung, everything was perfect.

‘Must have been mum,’ nodding my head, I said aloud.

I finally moved to my desk. The ledger was there. Everything was neatly in place. My maths book was piled with all my paperwork that was full of formulas I had tried to work out. Picking up a sheet, I ran my eyes down it; the answers were written next to it. It was my handwriting, but I couldn’t recall completing it. One by one, I check each paper. Questions on Fractions, Area, Angles and pages of equations were all completed.

I flicked my eyes over to the ledger. I must have missed it earlier, but the book sat opened. Debts to be collected from various people stared back at me. I did not know what to question first. So much had changed since I had slept.

‘What is go-’ I stopped when I noticed a worn out dark red book. The pages were yellow, just like the ledger. I reached out and picked up the book. Flicking through the pages, I realised it was an address book. Again, all written in beautiful cursive handwriting. Some words were barely legible, but one could just about read it. Sitting down, I started checking through each name against the ledger.

Opening my drawer, I pulled out my journal. No, today was not a day to write about what had happened and plan of action, today I needed to copy out the information. I fumbled through my drawer for a pen while still skimming through the information in front of me.

Giving up, I picked up a quill and dipped it in ink and began writing. Not once did I consider why quills were scattered on the side of my desk. I did not question how they got there. Even the ink bottle didn’t distract my attention considering the ink had started staining my hand.

The sudden knock on my door made me jump. Now there were spatters of ink across the page.

‘Come in,’ I said.

‘Kelly?’ Mrs Jenkins walked in. She seemed worried. Although she was smartly dressed, it was clear that she had not slept.

‘Yes mum?’ I responded. I stood up and took a hold of her hands as she walked towards me. ‘What’s wrong mum?’ Worry had taken over me. ‘Mum, tell me.’

‘Your dad did not come home yesterday. I waited for him at work. As we do not work in the same department, I went over there to find out where he was. They said that he hadn’t come in,’ she finished.

Her hands were trembling, so I passed on words to soothe her and pulled her to my bed.

 ‘Mum, don’t worry. Dad probably had some things to do, somewhere to go. There is a good explanation. There is an explanation for everything,’ I said. Yes, for everything.

‘But darling, why did he not call? I’ve had my phone in my hand all evening, night and morning,’ she could not stop shaking her head and completely my question. ‘Ok, fine, he is not at work, but why did he not come home? The car is still there. I had to take a lift from a colleague as I don’t have the keys.

 ‘Mum, will you go to work today? I mean to say that it’s been only one day. He’ll probably be back soon.’

‘Yes darling, I need to get to work. They need me. A colleague is coming over to collect me. Watch over Jamie for me please. I trust you with everything. We are so lucky to have a school right next to us,’ she replied.

‘I was wondering whether to go out and meet the neighbours. Jamie will be at school and I’d have nothing to do.’ I looked at her with hopeful eyes.

‘I don’t see why that would be a problem. Jamie has already met everyone, it is your turn. However, you need to finish off your maths work and give them to me. You will be a scientist,’ she said sternly.

‘Huh? Jamie has already met them?’ I was thoroughly confused. ‘And I’ve completed all the questions,’ I stretched over to pick up the papers. ‘Although, I can’t remember doing them. That reminds me, thank you for sorting out my room,’ I gave her smile. How was it possible for her to clean my room when she was clearly hooked with dad’s sudden disappearance?

Please let it be her, I prayed.

‘Kelly, darling,’ she chuckled, ‘thank you for making me smile.’


‘I did not do anything. I could hear everything from downstairs. Movement of cupboards, shelves,’ she tilted her head to the right, ‘even the scrape of your boxes. Are you sure you haven’t scratched the floor?’

I looked down. The floor was still smooth. At least they had thought about the stairs and floors before moving in.

‘But mum, I was asleep,’ I lengthened the last word to emphasise my point.

‘No. You came down to my room and asked for scissors. Mind you, this was around 2am. I want you in bed early madam,’ she gave a soft kiss on my cheek and walked out the door.

This could not be right. I strolled towards my door. Don’t you just hate it when they leave the door open?

Holding the handle, I heard it again.

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