The Ache Inside

The Ache Inside

A sudden burst of emotion has erupted,
That I had never felt before,
Has caused a sense of fear,
Yet, I still want to feel more.

Confusion now revolves around me,
I can’t help but question what I feel.
Strings are now attached to my heart,
So hard, the pull. Is it even real?

I can not describe this new feeling,
But I can tell you, my heart beats fast.
Staying near you, is not an option,
But distance won’t let me last.

The light in your eyes, leaves me breathless,
Although, I still can’t understand why.
I cannot deny it exists,
I cannot, no matter how hard I try.

I refuse to give it a name,
I refuse to believe that it’s real.
Feelings and emotions are not for me,
Then, what is this strange emotion that I feel?

But, then you stepped in front of me,
Told me, never to leave you, to stay with you forever.
To that, I ask you one question, one only:
How could I ever leave you, if we were never together?

© Fatima Begum

Red Rose

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