Thank you, Illness. Thank you, Boredom.

When you’re ill…

Ok, so your cheekbones ache, you want to crumble them with your hands, annoyingly small hands. Your temples, your forehead, your bloody head, aches. It feels like someone is thumping it with something, anything, everything, whatever it is, it is ROCK HARD! Your eye lids feel heavy BUT sleep deserts you! Paracetamol refuses to aid you. You can’t understand why! Why?

Yet, you still beg your eyes to close. To take you away from this world, temporarily.

You realise too late that you should have listened to your optician, wear your glasses when using the computer, reading, writing, using your stupid phone. 

Under the covers, scrunched up as a ball with a hot water bottle, yet, still typing this on your phone. No, no glasses. 

You need your pen, you need your paper, you need your laptop, but bright light is your enemy today. 

Ah, now your teeth, your jaw, are joining in the action. A few droplets of tears decide to slide down your cheeks. You wonder if they’re competing with each other. Maybe?


You’re impressed with what you’ve written, when you know, you don’t know…something?!  

You know proof reading is important, once is NOT enough, but you don’t care, because this time …you are either half awake…or half asleep…? 

Thank you Illness, thank you Boredom.

Just wonderful right – the feeling of helplessness.

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