Social Media, Gaza and of course Israel

I’m all fired up today! I feel that each of my fingers are like athletes jumping around at high speed, only difference is, that my fingers are typing.

I should’ve carried on with the topic of Morsi and Charles I. In fact, I should’ve written about it three months ago. But what can I do? Things just got in the way. Obstacles.

But now I’ve decided that I’m going to shelf that topic for now and focus on the current news. A topic that I’m passionate about, a topic that I’ve studied in depth (so pleased when I can use my knowledge on History), the Middle East – Palestine and Israel.

I know for a fact that I will be attacked left right and centre from these extremist Zionists. Yes, they are extremists! I say this not based on emotions, but based on facts. Mention anything AGAINST Israel…I’m called a terrorist, Islamist, extremist and anti-Semitic. I mean one guy called all those who came and protested AGAINST Israel’s murderous action on Gaza anti-Semitic and extremist littering the streets. Another tweeter threw a vile abusive comment at me. Yet another encouraged violence and incited hatred. (I’ve been taking screen shots of the convo just to show that I do have evidence).

Now, living in Britain, such comments would surely get them arrested. ‘Freedom of Speech’ ‘I live in America’ apparently allows him to wish death on Hamas or that ALL Palestinians should leave Palestine and go into the surrounding Arab states. He ‘grieves’ for them for the fact that other Arab nations refuse to take in a population of over a million.

One wonders how on earth political leaders can support these right-wing fascist. And another point to consider, many of these Zionist and Israelis who support the complete eradication of Arabs and call for genocide in Palestine, are youngsters. If you’re not too familiar with this, once reaching 18, they are conscripted to join the army. Imagine having these kids walking around holding guns?

My next post, I know it may offend some, will be looking at the tweets in more detail.

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