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I made a promise to continue on with my previous post, and I’ve kept to it. My previous post was very long, no links attached, no images either. This one will at least have some images πŸ™‚

I mentioned previously the difference between writing as a journalist, to writing as an author, with some similarities attached. I want to add that you can be both. My reason for writing helps me get across a message that I could not do through words, verbally that is. Others do it through art, some through singing, even dancing. In fact, I’m actually listening to ‘Marching On’ by One Republic, love them!

Check out the video here:Β One Republic – Marching OnΒ 

Apologies, I just had to post that up, an old but still cool song!

People have told me that they want to write, but they don’t know where to start, one reason why they don’t bother. First thing in my head ‘Why the hell are they asking me? I’ve only written a small book! How on earth can I give advice?’ Second thing in my head (still) ‘I’m neither famous, nor an experienced writer! Wrong person to ask!’ But, what roles out of my tongue/lip/mouth ‘Just let go. Let your imagination, your fingers, type away. Nothing has to be structured at the beginning, it will fall in place as you go along. Don’t think, just do it. When an idea hits your mind, make sure you write it down!’ Not entirely sure if that’s good advice, however, they asked to let them know from experience, then I assumed that I’d have to answer from experience.

Guardian Angel: Me, Us, ThemNow my book is out on paperback! (Yes, I know I’m advertising but I also need to add images to this post!) So, check out Amazon for the Guardian Angel series: Me, Us, Them. I sort of liked the print version, when I ordered one, which was my first ever book.

I’ve received positive feedback, so please, have a read! I’m planning to give out some for free. So the first 5 people to email me on, will get a copy for free – be prepared to give me feedback once you’ve had a read! Will let you know the details when I do put up the offer, so please stay tuned (always wanted to say that!).


Guardian AngelJust want to add something, I’m extremely confused about – So my book is up on Amazon, and I think I understand ‘Expanded Distribution’, so regardless what price other online bookstore retailers sell my book for, my royalty would be equivalent to what Amazon is passing onto me. That’s confusion has been corrected, but what I don’t understand is, why would a store sell it for a higher price? Would love it if someone could explain why! I’m extremely happy that other stores are willing to sell it, but I am slightly confused. So, that’s the pricing issue over.



This one was a very short blog! My journey continues….I just finished typing the follow on from the above book! Funnily enough, the cover for the current did not take too long to create, it was the proof reading and motivation. Hopefully, the current will be up before November. That’s a whole year πŸ™‚


(Again, typed but not checked)


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