Oh my Love

Oh my Love

Oh my Love, 
I live in a world, 
Lost amongst the crowd, 
Living, only to see your face.

Oh my Love, 
I ignore the advice of mind,
Only follow my heart, 
Listen to each beat it cries.

Oh my Love, 
You’re my only reason for living, 
My only reason for breathing, 
Let us get lost in our own world.

Oh my Love. 
Listen to my heart whisper, 

It can’t stop questioning, 
How much longer will you make me wait?

Oh my Love, 
I wander around lost, 
Yet, I still hope, 
You’ll step into my world,

Love is found in your eyes, 
Love is found in your tears,

Oh my Love, 
I walk around you, 
Still lost, still waiting, 
Still hoping, just waiting.

Love is found in your smile, 
Love is found on your lips

© Fatima Begum

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