My Writing, My Thoughts and My Book!!

I have two blog posts that I one to put up! The one I’m currently typing (Hi, Hey, Hello everyone!!!), and another one. But, both concern the book I’ve written. Just would like to point out first, I’ve been going around trying to explain my blog to individuals. Yes, it’s very informal, yes, I’m typing as if I am talking to you all, and yes, it’s my thoughts, but I always assumed that a blog can be personal. Am I wrong? That is why sometimes it can have a serious tone to it, but at other times, be light hearted.

Oh, I also want to add that I’m a 90s child, being born in the mid 80s. The only reason I am pointing that out is because I’ve come across a super cool song: Owl City ft Hanson: ‘Unbelievable’ (I’m and Owl City fan!)

Link to the YouTube video: here

I think many can relate to the above! (I’ve just learnt how to embed a YouTube video onto my blog post!)

From USA Today Bestselling Author, Cindi Myers

From USA Today Bestselling Author, Cindi Myers

I’ve been questioning myself regularly lately: ‘How is my first ever book doing?’ That question I cannot seem to answer. One thing I refuse to do is look at the sales. I have sent out the book to numerous authors, especially to those that I have interviewed (check out the Interview section on the website), and have gotten some really nice feedback. This should boost my confidence right? It has, and I continue to smile. But I’m still waiting for feedback from the public. I have been told by these lovely authors that nerves are common, however, how do I stop the fidgeting, the constant thoughts of ‘what do they think? Is it bad? Are they just trying to be nice?’ when you pass on copies

Bestselling Author, Ruth Ann Nordin

Bestselling Author, Ruth Ann Nordin

to your managers, work colleagues and friends?

Recently it hit me that I should be sending copies to bloggers also, although, then the fidgeting returns, the deep inhaling, the annoying thoughts.

But I love my crazy imagination, playing with words, playing with sentences, love writing! I can sit here and research to write an article on what is going on around the world, I can sit here and write as if I am talking to you all, and now I can sit here and structure my imagination to create a story.

So all I want to say is….I just wrote first book! Check it out here, Guardian Angel: Me, Us, Them

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