My Fight

I wanted to put this up but I was worried what people may think – at the time of writing, I was going through a phase, but positive thoughts takes over, and you’re smiling again! So this was what I was feeling, and I will say, writers and poets really pushed my confidence up once reading it!


My Fight

I’m alive, not yet dead, 
So I continue to laugh, 
Smile, write, sometimes draw, 
Continue to fight no matter how tough.

But, I still wake up with the pain, 
Scars, from the night before, 
Bruises inside me, 
Such pain, yes, they leave me sore.

I jump out of bed, regardless the pain,
I must prepare for the day ahead, 
The fight will carry on inside,
Pain in my limbs, my head.

You can’t witness the fight, 
Can’t feel the pain. 
You can’t see the bruises and scars, 
Such things can’t be explained. 

I can still think clearly, 
My muscles are strong,
But, each day that passes, 
Each day feels long.

No one understands, 
No one will, 
How do you sympathise with someone, 
Especially, if you do not know how they feel?

But there’s always light, 
So continue smiling, 
And if anyone asks why, 
Just tell them, you’re flying!!!

(Arms open wide, with a sparkle in your eyes 😉)

© Fatima Begum

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