Match Me…

So this was a completely random poem that I typed up on another poetry site – I also tend to play the game with the children at work 🙂

Match Me

Woods, Trees, 
Plants, Leaves, 
Stem, Flower, 
Pink, Colour, 
Black, White, 
Pale, Light,

Sun, Moon, Planets, Earth,
Sky, Blue, Sea, Turf,
Dirt, Bacteria, Science, Tests, 
Tubes, Dish, Experiments, Pests,
Rats, Mice, Cats, Dogs,
Farm, Animals, Pigs, Hogs,

Dirty, Clean, Fresh, Stale, 
Dry, Wet, Ice, Hail,
Winter, Summer, Autumn, Spring,
Seasons, Festivals, Weddings, Rings,

Fingers, Thumb, Hand,  Wrist,
Bangles, Chains, Cage, Beast,
Scared, Brave, Coward, Hero,
Leader, Saviour, Disciples, Follow,

Lead, Win, Lose, Draw, 
Fight, Battle, Peace, War, 
Blood, Cut, Medicine, Doctor,
Patient, Hospital, Disease, Fever,

Hot, Flame, Fire, Water,
Rain, Storm, Lightening, Thunder…


© Fatima Begum

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