Love or Like

Can you love someone, yet not like them? A question that I’m sure many ponder over. But do I even make sense?

Love or Like 

Can I love someone
Yet say that I don’t like them?
Will that diminish the whole definition of love?
And is it wrong to study the terminology of love? To question it?

Can I not categorise love? 
If I do that, then can I not say
I love them, 
I don’t like them? 
I’ve separated love from like.

I dislike the way they talk to me at times, 
The way they can be so controlling, 
The way they take advantage of my weak points, 
The way they think at times.

But wait,

I truly love them for the way they are there for me when I need them most
The way they take care of me when I’m ill, 
Yes, there is a barrier that cannot be broken,
Yes, there are many things that I dislike, 
Although, even I know that it cannot be helped, 
An alternative route would need to be found,

There’s always a ‘but this,’ ‘but that,’


No matter how much I dislike them, at times, 
I will always love them, all the time, 
I would not let anyone question my love for them, 
Pacifist, I may be, 
Though, any words against them, 
With my love for playing with words, 
I would willingly destroy anyone attempting to hurt them.

Now, I have allowed love to override like, 
So my questions to you all are,

Can we categorise love?
If so, one way or another, 
Will love always overrule like?

That, I guess, is the beauty and the power of love.

© Fatima Begum

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