Love or Deceit?

I am currently writing my third book from the Guardian Angel series, and naturally, questions arise. Yes, I need help! But, these questions, have made aided me with the feelings and emotions that I want to include because, what is a story, a book, if the writer cannot touch the reader’s emotion with their characters or am I just an idealist?


Love or Deceit?

Is love not simply deceit?
To be sure, it is powerful,
But, what do I know of power?
When placed in my hand,
Can I not crush it?

My hand, small as it is,
Can you not place it here?
If I close my hand,
Would it not warm my hand,
Because, remember, my hands are always cold?

Let’s take a few steps back.

I accept that love is powerful,
Love can be manipulated,
Powerful, yes, but is it not also vulnerable?


Place your love in my hand,
And I will surround it with warmth,
But, I apply enough pressure,
I have the ability to crush it.

You know that, and I know that,
So how can you trust me?

Questions, for me, equates frustration,
If I can crumble love,
Then how does it make love powerful?
If my love can control your emotions,
Then, do I not have the ability to manipulate it?
If that is the case, then how is it love?
It is deceit, no?

So, my conclusion,

Love is powerful enough to control my emotions,
But weak enough to be manipulated, in which case,
Now, you have control,
Because, if I know that I can do it,
Then you know that, just as I do, you can do it,

Pessimist, I may be,
My final question, is it so wrong?

© Fatima Begum

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