What do you think?

Do I compare you to a candlelight
Or do I compare you to the light, pushed out by the moon? 
But, then, would I then not compare you to the sun?

All have been used before,
And why place a greater value on them,
When you are, you?

Yes, I just created another web,
But my thoughts can be compared to a web,
And only you can walk through it,
Without being caught,

So please read my thoughts,
After all, only you are able to read them,

Comparing you to a candlelight,
Is worthless, 
To the moonlight, 
Is worthless,
To the sun, 
Is worthless,
You are, you,
Just you,

A candlelight should be compared to you,
The moonlight should be compared to you,
The sun cannot even compete with you,

I don’t need to place a value on you, 
Yes, you are invaluable, 
But simply, 
To me,
You are, you, 
And will always be, you

© Fatima Begum

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