I know, I know, seriously, I do know that my blog title is pretty ambiguous. I have a reason though! Not only is this blog post late, but everything that I had planned has seemed to be delayed. There will be some writing in red – the thing is, I have quite a lot of links, just to make it easier.  

I could write that I have a follow on post from this and that it will be up soon, but…I have done that many times before, and never really fulfilled the promise. So, first and foremost, I’d like to make a serious promise and here it is:

I promise to try to not to BREAK MY PROMISE whenever I make a promise to you.

So you see, it works out for us both: I’m promising to try and not to break a promise. ‘Try’ is perhaps the keyword in that statement. Unless you disagree otherwise. SMILE!!

There is so many things I want to talk about. Yes, it includes my book, probably mainly everything about my book and of course the other books that I am in the process of typing. Although, I do believe that I am experiencing the writer’s block issue at the moment regardless all the bullet points that I have typed down.

But let us begin over WHY I haven’t posted up a blog post for some time. 

As you know, I have been trying to adjust my life around the ‘new condition’ that I have been diagnosed with. Let’s be honest, finally finding out what has been affecting me since 2011 by 2015, was one thing, but knowing what exactly it was, is something completely different.

I recently turned 25 when I started experiencing all these random symptoms that the doctors could not pick up on. It was not until 2014 that I gave up relying on the doctors and started spending a large amount of money to go to a chiropractor to sort out the sudden excruciating backaches that I had been getting. That was when she asked whether I had my spine scanned, and MRI considering that I did also have an accident in 2012 (hit by a car – shock horror I know!). Simple answer – No.

Went to the Rheumatologist (they sent me to him, after no one could tell what was wrong with me), and I asked him why they had not carried out an MRI on my back and brain. Yes, none of that crossed their mind! Oh, forgot to add, up until then, I had been seen by trainee doctors! So he booked me in the Neurology Department. Soooooooo after all the tests, MRI and Lumber Puncture, they diagnosed me with Multiple Sclerosis!

I will put both hands up and admit that I was in denial for a few months. I will admit that tears and darkness was more of my friend than those around me. And I will admit that I kept telling myself that I was too young for this. Check out the link above, and you’d get a fair idea why isolation and denial was the only answer for me. 

But fast forward – acceptance and adjusting my life style, along with a positive mindset had changed me back to ME

Does that even make sense?

More information on the condition can be found on the MS Society, on the NHS website, along with MS-UK. Certainly there are many more, those are just some.

When you’re stuck in a hospital bed with only old women around you, all you think of is writing. Nurses were great with pen and papers 🙂

Ok, I was stuck in hospital a few times, but at one point, I was able to write as I had nothing to do!

Do I let it dictate my life? To a certain extent – changing my life style, accepting help from others, giving up some things and trying to take on other roles.

But, do I let it dictate my happiness? NO!

Only I can control my happiness. This is one this one thing I continuously state to others…we create our own obstacles in our mind. We create these random things in our head to prevent reaching our goal. 

And ONLY WE can remove these obstacles from our mind and bring happiness. 

I have been on the borderline of depression, but positive thought and refusing to give in, along with a determined family made me change my perspective of life. Perspective of MY life.

Yes of course there will be days where you sit and question yourself. All I will say, think of something you want to reach, and put ALL effort to reach it.

Created Times Table game, which the children in the tuition practice on!

I wanted to write, and now I’ve two books, recently had an interview with City University and created my own website! I wanted to know the technical side to things, so I decided to take a Web Development and Web Design course and I can proudly say, it was worth it! Whether I remember half the things I learnt is up for discussion, but check out my projects on my other website here. Actually, some children from work visit it to practice their Times Table. Well I do work at a tuition centre, and I do love the kids I work with!

So that’s all my medical issue over and done with…

Now I’m going to fast forward once again and focus on my book. I have previously mentioned that my first book is now in paper back form, but I want to share with you with what has been going on lately!

My Instagram is full of extracts of the first and second book, however, I have finally taken a step further…I plucked up the courage, called up Secondary schools in London and convinced many to keep it in their libraries! I have gotten feedback from some librarians and awaiting for others.

That’s when I stopped and thought, ‘why not schools outside of London?’

I randomly chose a parts of the UK: New Castle, Birmingham, Manchester, can’t remember if I contacted schools in Liverpool, Bath. Then sat down and researched schools in the area. Made time to call, email, again call to talk to the librarians and convince them to take in my book. 

Do you know how it feels when a librarians states that she loves the book? How it feels when a review from a child comes back extremely positive for you FIRST book? It’s indescribable. 

Then you think, why not the local libraries? And yes, they have read it and have agreed. 

Only downside to it all is the amount spent on it all – but I classify that as investment especially considering I am in no way ready to pay for someone to market something that I’ve trained to do throughout all the internships that I completed over the years. Besides, it feels good to talk to the client directly. You form a sort of bond. No? Yes? And then it’s the time issue. Making the time to do it all when you know you have work to go to. Answering the emails before you walk the house!

I guess I need to come back to my medical condition. I ended up with Optical Neuritis. Yes, the tears were back, but I had my family on my side. I had no intention of doing anything for my second book or even the first one! Once I was back to myself, a few months on normalcy, I was hit by another relapse, causing me to be on a crutch. This is when I decided that I HAD to focus on my books. 

I had my dad post off all the books, whilst I spoke and attempted to convince schools and libraries to accept my book.

I guess that as much as I can include for now. Next blog post will concentrate on the books I am currently typing up. 

Finally, just want to include – you know how I usually interview leading authors? Well, I had my own first interview. This was with City University! Check it out here: Publishing the Paranormal.

I guest posted on a site concerning a topic that is extremely important to me Stigma in South Asian Communities. All I ask is for you to check it out! 

All the excellent feedback will naturally make me to promote my book. All available on Amazon!

Guardian Angel series:

Paperback – Guardian Angel: Me, Us, Them

Kindle – Guardian Angel: Me, Us, Them & Guardian Angel: Before and Now

I plan to make the second book into paper back later this year and still in the process of completing the final book in the series!

I guess I did it again – jumping topics continuously. It’s just that I let my fingers type and it is a FACT, my mind thinks faster than my fingers type, so apologies if I have missed out a word or two or three, four, five…

Although, you have give me credit for typing this during the 12-1-2-3am hours!

(As usual, typed but not checked!)


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