Kray’s Job

What do I do now? I asked myself, yet again, since I first laid my eyes on her.

‘Lily, let me tell you where you are first,’ yes, that would do nicely.

‘No, Kray. Please,’ Lily seemed so anxious for an answer. Her hands were now clasped together, looking up at me with those green eyes.

I started feeling a tug within me. Not too strong, but it was there. Kray, rules. Just remember the rules. ‘Rules’ was the word that would not be removed from my mind. Not a word to make one smile.

‘Lily, I will tell you, but, you have to be patient.’

‘You will tell me though? I mean later.’

‘Yes, Lil I will,’ I smiled at her and she returned one of her own. ‘Rules,’ Kray. Beautiful smiles are off limits, remember?

‘Alright, now tell me what am I doing here? What is this place and why do I have an angel next to me?’ She asked, gesturing to her surroundings.

‘Curiosity getting the better of you, Lily?’ I asked. She merely nodded back at me. ‘Well, I’m not a protector, so to say. I’m here just to look after you. Take care of you,’ Lily’s eyes had widened at my answer.

‘How long will I be here for?’ She asked, whilst looking around. ‘It looks amazing here. Or is it your job to take care of people?’

‘Not long enough,’ I replied bitterly. She winced at my tone so I changed it and tried to appear enthusiastic. ‘Lil, I don’t know what to call this land. Just like the name you gave me, give this land a name of your choice. I don’t work, Lily. I was created for this,’ and following these rules.

The more I read her soul, the more I knew I’d be breaking the rules.

‘Lily, can I have a hug?’ I knew I shouldn’t, but I was desperate.

‘I’ve been waiting for you to say something like that!’ She hugged me tightly. ‘Stay with me. I’ll make you smile. I know you’re sad, I can see it in your beautiful eyes,’ I let out a silent moan, or so I thought, when she placed her palm on my face once again.

I didn’t dare open my eyes. It’s hard to trust one when one is in love. No, this can’t be that, can it?

She made a slight movement to remove her hand but I grabbed a hold of it.

‘Lily, look at me, please. Lift your head,’ I asked quietly. I knew I wouldn’t be able to stop myself but I needed to look into her emerald green eyes. She wanted it too. Ah, the advantages of reading one’s thoughts.

I held her shoulders and pushed her back slightly in order to get a full view of her. Again, I knew this was wrong, but I just had to let my eyes roam her body, every inch. Apart from some stitches, she was now completely healed. The scratches along her face would disappear with time. However, now there was a glow emanating from her face. I had looked at her soul when she arrived. That sweet, caring personality. However, now I just looked past her layer of clothing. It was wrong, but neither could I help it, nor could I control myself.

I pulled her back towards me and leaned down to rub my cheek against her neck.

‘Lily, you look fine now. In fact, you look great.’ This time I had to get away from her. I needed to breathe. ‘Lily, I need to go now,’ I felt her tense up. ‘Don’t worry, just rub the coin in ten minutes and I’ll be back. But I must do something quickly. Ten minutes, ok?’

‘No, wait, Kray, wait,’ Lily grabbed my arm, while her eyes began to look around, frantically.

‘Lily, relax. Calm down,’ I slowly loosened her grip on my arm and looked back down at her. I knew I was frowning, but since when was I ever worried?

‘No, Kray. Someone called me. No-no. Someone screamed my name. No, wait, something happened!’

‘Breathe,’ I lightly rubbed her shoulders and just hoped that my soothing voice was enough. ‘That’s it, Lil. Just breathe.’

‘But, Kray-‘

‘No, Lil. Everything will be fine. Forget what you heard, Lil,’ I cut in. I needed to end the conversation before it became any more complicated. Sometimes you have to let things run their course.

‘Lil, I have to go. Please wait for me.’

‘But, why?’ She was confused and afraid.

‘Lil, look at me,’ I stood straight and pointed at my clothes.

‘Yes, what’s wrong with them?’

‘Look at my jacket,’ I took off my jacket. ‘There are droplets of blood on it. Actually, not droplets, but smudges of blood,’ I stated. ‘Look at my shirt,’ I continued.

‘There’s nothing wrong with your shirt. It’s nice and clean,’ she quietly mumbled.

I couldn’t help but grin at her reddened face.

‘I just want to change my clothes. I’ll be back in ten minutes.’

‘O.K. Be back quickly, please.’

‘Yes. But remember to rub the coin in ten minutes,’ I reminded her. Wasthat worry in my tone? The tug in my chest was back. What if I did lose her forgood? What if she didn’t call me back? What if I didn’t get to talk to heragain? No, no, what if I didn’t get to see her even? What if, what if, what if?!

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