‘Daniel, I cannot meet up today,’ I said as I flicked the black coin back up. ‘I have to see Dr Howard at 7pm. Yes… yes, I know it’s late, uh huh, but I do have to see him,’ I continued. I started rolling the coin between my fingers. It was a strange coin. Then she appeared once again. Those green eyes had been haunting me for too long.

I closed my eyes, ‘I’m not entirely sure if it is working. The dreams keep coming back. Let’s see. I’ll see you tomorrow,’ I ended the call and looked down at the coin. Flicking it up one last time, I caught it and pushed it deep into my pocket.

I slid my legs off my desk and watched the papers and stationary drop to the ground. Just great. Kneeling down, I began shuffling the papers together. My sketch of a pair of eyes stood out clearly. How can it not?

Shaking my head, I stood up and picked up my jacket and laptop. It was time to go home and get ready to see Dr Howard.

I was told that she was in the hospital, but my department was Neurology. I specialised in understanding the working of the mind, not on how to bring someone back to life from an accident. Sure, I was pulled into surgery now and again. But I was a Consultant now.

I had to laugh at the irony of it all, considering that I had to go and see a psychiatrist for my own problems. ‘It’ll all go away Kray, just be patient,’ I mumbled to myself. Whoever knew that mumbling to oneself could bring a sense of peace? Calmness may be a better word. 6:45, I’ll be late. With that final thought, I walked out.

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