Just STOP and THINK!

Like many others, I really do like inspirational quotes. But, (always a ‘but’ for me), it annoys me to the core about how those ‘friends who don’t contact each other for some time isn’t really a friend’ quotes. It annoys me how one writes about heart break etc.

STOP!Have you never wondered why you’re supposedly selfish inconsiderate friend stopped contacting you? What  possible reasons there are? Or are they all ASSUMPTIONS that YOU, yourself, created? Have you ever thought about contacting them first? Letting them know that you’re there for them? And when they finally contact you, are you so arrogant enough to think that they ONLY do it to get something out of you? Seriously, do you consider yourself that important/significant that they would need to turn to you?

Sometimes, friends that you haven’t spoken to for 10 years, merely saying ‘hi’, should bring a smile to your face.

THINK!Heart break? It happens and you move on. Simple. They had their reasons, and if you were so concerned, then you would not sit there writing a quote, rather, you’d be out there trying to CONVINCE them that they’re making a mistake. You’d be out there trying to find out the REASON for the break up. Love works both ways. Just because you love someone, you can’t expect them to love you back – that is a risk one takes with love.

Someone close, leaving you? Well all I can say is, if you truly cared, you would stop them. You’d grab hold of them no matter what. So basically, for once in you life, just stop and think! Here’s my take:


Please, for once stop complaining about someone leaving you,

Stop, complaining about someone breaking your heart,

Stop writing about a friend who’s never there for you,

Just STOP!


Think about the new person that will enter your life,

Think about how your heart is still beating to keep you alive,

Think about the friend who IS there for you. Think, did you ever notice them?

© Fatima Begum

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