Is that the Beauty of Love?


Is that the Beauty of Love?


Words, words are beautiful when they are spoken through your sweet lips.
Sweet, sweet are your lips when your eyes radiate colours,
And when those colours shine out,
Everyone witnesses their brightness.
And when the colours slide down your face,
When it touches your lips and you smile,
Then, even the stars can’t compete to keep my attention off you.
Is that the beauty of Love?

When you’re gone, I feel lost,
Yet, when you’re near me, I feel like I’m fighting to get back to Earth.
When you look at me with those colours,
When you hold me with your eyes, I’ll gladly lose the battle.
Is that the beauty of Love?

Now, close your eyes.
Spread your arms wide.
Inhale the love I blow at you and allow it to sweep across your face.
Let your heart beat fast for me as mine does for you.
Open your eyes and let yourself get lost in my eyes as I do in yours.
Let me paint your lips with colours as you do mine.
Is that the beauty of Love?

My colourless world has drowned in your love. My eyes water from your sweet words.
My body heats from your touch.
My lips are left sweet with the taste of your colours.
That is the beauty of Love.

©Fatima Begum

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