Is Real really Real?


Matrix style question, I guess, of what is real?

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Although, it is a question people ponder over at times. I sometimes also think whether something is real. That mainly occurs when I’m deep into my writing, a world created by my thoughts and fingers.

Here’s another question – When I wear my glasses, the P becomes a clear R, does that mean things are real, only if everyone else sees the same thing?

Disregard interpretation of paintings, writing, books and whatnot, but wait, what of those who are colour blind? There are some who can’t distinguish between two colours. Is our version, the majority, that is, of a thing, let’s say the sky, as an example, real or is their version real? Then you ask, what makes it real? The basic fact that it exists and that we all, at least, believe it exists.

Does it have to be tangible, touch taste physically feel, to be considered real? Or, can we just believe in it, feel something that we can’t describe, for it to be real?

This makes me move onto the topic that I have been writing about a lot – Love. My poems. created because of the book I’m writing, revolve around this word.

You can’t touch and taste it, so how can you say it’s real? But then, if you can’t say that it’s real, then how can you say that it hurts or makes you happy? How can you say that it brings you tears, yet makes you smile?

Putting aside this world, Earth, space, planets, galaxies, putting aside it all, do we consider Love to be real?

Final question to you all is:

Are things only real if EVERYONE considers it to be real, but things can’t, in any way at all, be real if only SOME consider it to be real? 

Jeremy Bentham comes to mind, the doctrine of Utilitarianism – ‘the greatest happiness for the greatest number‘ (Must check his Philosophy out! Add in John Stuart Mills too). It’s just a shame that our governments don’t tend to turn to, not sure about Trump, but Theresa May will definitely know about these respected Philosophers!

Sometimes when you’re writing fiction, you tend to get lost. Too many emotions and too many questions.

But, how can you question whether love is Real if you don’t understand or question what Real is?

A light walk through my mind,

Yours as always


Written, but not checked 

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