Interview with Kelly Boyce

As soon as I had carried out this interview, I wanted to redo the font, resize the images to fit the site, design and lay everything out in a certain way. Basically, have it all up! But, alas, I had to fall ill! This required more sleep, and hatred towards the laptop. 

But, I’ve finally been able to complete it all! A really nice interview, I must say. Wonderful author. You’ll really like her books! Trust is something that is earned, but I’m still going to say it anyways…trust me, you’ll like them. I worked through her Sins and Scandals series (An Invitation to Scandal, A Sinful Temptation, A Scandalous Passion…) Book 5, Surrender to Scandal, has recently come up, and Book 6 is on its way to be released next year. 

A delightful interview, which I am sure you all will be fond of…

We, of course, must ask why such an author actually became an author, and what pushed her towards it…so…

kellyb_121Why did you become a writer?

I have always been an avid reader and a huge day dreamer from the time I was very small. Once I realized I could put the stories in my head down on paper, I was hooked.

Was there an event/inspirational figure or ambition that pushed in that direction?

When I was in Grade 7, I read a short story called ‘On The Sidewalk Bleeding’ by Evan Hunter. It was the same type of story that, at the time, I was writing and it inspired me to keep going but it was Lisa Gregory’s book, Bitterleaf, which led me in the direction of writing historical romance.

Why did you choose this genre – what is most appealing about it and most difficult?

After reading Bitterleaf, I realized there was an entire genre out there that combined my love of history with my desire to write about relationships. I was hooked.  

An Invitation to Scandal

An Invitation to Scandal

What is your goal when you begin writing a story? The sort of emotions you want to the reader to feel when reading you book?

I think the emotions I hope the reader feels varies with each story I tell, but ultimately,

what I hope the reader experiences by the end is a deep sense of satisfaction that they were able to go on a fantastic ride with the hero and heroine and ultimately see them get their happily ever after.

When do you find the best time/place to write?

I’m an early morning writer so I’m up at 5 am each morning and make the trek to the coffee shop nearest office to my day job. I usually write for 2 hours from 6:30 am to 8:30 am. Then on the weekends I usually hit the coffee shop nearest my home around 8:30 am and write for about 3 – 4 hours.

A Sinful Temptation

A Sinful Temptation

What is your favourite book that you have written?

That’s a tough one. I would say A SINFUL TEMPTATION gave me the most difficulty. This was because of all the moving parts the story had. When I handed it into my editor, it was a mess! And so was I! I really didn’t want to mess up Marcus Bowen’s story because he was one of those characters you really wanted to do right by. After doing my revisions, however, I ended up being really satisfied with how Marcus’s story turned out.

What is your favourite book that you have read and author?

That is a long, long list! But the book that is always on the top ten list is ‘The Winter Mantle’ by Elizabeth Chadwick.

You’re advice to prospective/new writers trying to break into this field?

The advice I usually give is to treat it like a business. Show up every day, put the work in. If you get a rejection or a bad review, as difficult as it is, don’t take it personally. It’s just business. Not everyone is going to like what you do, that’s just the way it is.

The important thing is that you keep showing up, you keep doing the work and you keep learning your craft. In the end, perseverance will pay off.

Would you like to know what Kelly’s fantasy land would look like? Read below…

Favourite colour: Orange and Grey

Favourite flower: Daisy

Favourite food: Lattes 

Favourite day: Vacation days.

If you were to create your own fantasy land, how would you describe it?

Filled with animals, nature, books and my closest family/friends. And you could travel anywhere you wanted for free.

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Book 5, from The Sins & Scandals Series (a must read!), Surrender To Scandal, was released this August, 2015. But keep an eye out for Book 6, A Sinner No More, again, from The Sins and Scandals Series, releasing next February, 2016!

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