Amazon Bestselling Author, D L Carter

The interview with Dee was truly something! I thoroughly thoroughly thoroughly enjoyed it and I guarantee you will too!! I don’t know exactly how to explain it, ‘refreshing’ ‘upbeat’ ‘loads of enthusiasm’? I got a chance to read her latest book, Ridiculous, and I highly recommend it!

Prepared to get hooked…

Why did you become a writer?


Okay, when I was very very young, as in pre pre – school, my mother would read me a book and I would ask “what happens next.” when she told me that the story was over I would tell her the ongoing adventures of those characters.

Later I would be seen walking around the back yard waving my hands in the air as I continued telling stories.

I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t creating adventures.

Why did you choose this genre – what is most appealing about it and most difficult?  

Crimes of the Brothers

Crimes of the Brothers

I write in a number of genres.

To be honest, and hey, why not, Romance is a multi-billion dollar industry and looks set to continue into the far future. I write paranormals for the fun of it, space operas because I have been a fan of science fiction since – oh, heck, I might as well admit it, I am older than Dr. Who.  I spend a lot of time in the Regency genre because despite the fact that people have been predicting the end of the regency novel for decades it continues to be very popular.

What is your goal when you begin writing a story? The sort of emotions you want to the reader to feel when reading you book?  

Amazement?  No?

Okay, I invite people to come into my character’s universe and stay to share their pain, joy, and human adventure.

I write humorous stories because there is fun to be had in the worst of times. Why do you think there are so many last-parachute-on-the-plane jokes? We laugh to save ourselves.

When do you find the best time/place to write?

I have to say anytime, anywhere. I used to carry little notebooks and pens with me everywhere. Now I have a travelling computer – netbook, in my handbag at all times and a better system at home for editing.

My favourite, as opposed to best time, is at the local coffee shop.  When I first started serious writing, I had a very expensive computer and having a portable computer was a big thing (yes, there was a time when not everyone owned a computer, let alone a portable). Since my computer was more than a month’s salary I was embarrassed to be caught playing computer games in public so found that if I went into a public place, such as a coffee shop, I wrote more and played less Tetris.

If you were to choose a favourite book you have written, which would it be?

Ridiculous – Which started life as a parody of the regency genre. Now it has over 900 reviews on Amazon (go figure?)

What is your favourite book you have read and author?

Dr. Seuss  – I had trouble going to Solla Sellew.

Your advice to prospective/new writers trying to break into this field?

Consistently I have heard well established writers say – writer’s write.

Don’t talk about it. Write it. Write more. Finish the book. Write another.

Favourite colour: Blue through purple.

Favourite flower: Cooktown orchids.

Favourite food: Chocolates.

Favourite day: I work night shift. My favourite day is day off.



If you were to create your own Fantasy World, how would you describe it?

Not going to limit myself. Instead I’ll say, I want The Wood Between The Worlds so I can go everywhere and anywhere.   Failing that – Terry Prachett’s Disc World where I’d run the coffee shop down the road from The Mended Drum.

Thank you!

As I mentioned earlier, you all should definitely read ‘Ridiculous’! Trust me, you will like it 🙂

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