I Need a Title…

…but I can’t think of one!

Hi all! You know how people compile a story of their life using YouTube, Snapchat etc etc etc? I guess I’ve been doing that through my blogs. 

I don’t think that any of my post has focused on a specific topic. It all just seems to be my thoughts – using a blog as a journal I think. What do you think?

It has been some time (as usual) when I last typed my blog post. The last post was up in May. I know that I should not come up with excuses, but I blame falling ill all the time. See, now that I am better, 

So what do I concentrate on?

I’m not entirely sure. My mind has so much in it at the moment including a long list of what I need to do. 

I’m back at my book. My first book has been published in paperback, now it’s time to get the second on into paperback. I think I keep coming up with excuses not to publish it in paperback. I can potentially do it independently, but that means that I can’t send it out to book stores. It’s crazy the amount of research I have had to do! Amazon will happily send it out to third parties online, but they don’t deal with bookstores. This I only realised when each bookstore that I contacted stated that they don’t directly deal with Amazon…therefore had to contact Amazon for clarity etc. Therefore, self-publishing online is good, but if I wanted to reach bookstores with my paperback version, then self-publishing may not be the best option I guess. I say this because of the cost involved.

I’m not sure how much I have spent since publishing my first book,

probably just under £200, actually may be more. I tend to buy the books online and then try and convince schools and libraries to stock the book on their library shelf! They seem to LOVE the book too. Crazy, right?

They ALL have asked if I have written anymore books…sometimes I say yes with a big smile and offer to email a pdf copy of my second book – where that sudden burst of confidence comes from, I DO NOT know, other times, I would respond with a ‘yes’ but I would cringe whilst typing those 3 letters. Send! Then I think to myself of why was I so apprehensive in responding back, where did that confidence disappear to?

Shall finish this….

(typed but not checked)


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