How do I market my book?

This is a quick post to explain a dilemma I’m currently in! In other words, I guess a pretty random post.

So, as you know, I’ve published my first book. I did not think about the marketing side to it all. I’ve come to realise that that was perhaps something I should have done. Let’s forget ‘perhaps’, I simply SHOULD HAVE done.

But, I wrote my book simply because I needed to put down my imagination down on paper and create a story. I wanted the story to make sense to me, rather than the wider population. It wasn’t until I began sharing the story that I had written, it was not until people had told me to publish it, it wasn’t until my younger brother snatched my phone and told me to sit there and research research research and publish the book, that I finally came to the conclusion that I will publish it!


The book isn’t that thick, but I will be making a paperback really soon!

It was a long process and, yes, the ‘fear of failure’ mood was not helping me at all. There were a lot of questions that I could not answer, thus, turned to the net. Again, not too helpful. They all state that I needed a copywriter. That it is a MUST. Perhaps, yes, but their pricing was definitely out of my range. I thought about it thoroughly, maybe because I wanted to delay the process of publishing it, but I did think about it. It then hit me, trying to work out from where exactly still, that I tutor! I tutor Mathematics and English. English includes marking children’s sentence structure, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, passive voice, and many many MANY more. Therefore, why should I pay for a copywriter, when I, myself, can correct it and identify the mistakes, right? But, because I didn’t trust my own judgement, I turned to a wonderful friend to aid me through my grammar and punctuation, something that I do on a daily basis. And he was wonderful!

Ok, so that’s copywriter issue over and done with. Then, I had all the taxing issue. As you have probably guessed by now, I’m a UK citizen, so imagine Amazon taking 65% off from each sale and then paying US taxes and on top of that, paying UK taxes. That took time to understand and sort out. Well, at least I hope it’s sorted out.

I’m pretty sure that I have skipped out a few steps. But I want to jump to the pricing part in all this. I created a short story. I wanted it to be a novel, but the story itself seemed to shout ‘short story’ to me. As soon as I started, I knew there would be a follow up if it did become a short story. So, short story it was. Now this is the part I questioned a lot…I love Historical Romance stories (that’s one reason why I interview wonderful authors who specialise in Historical/Regency Romance novels), Romance in general, and Fantasy (Harry Potter!!!), so how I ended up writing a Paranormal Romance story is still beyond me. Another thing on my list to work out, don’t worry, one day, I will work it out.

I seemed to have deterred from ‘pricing’ part. My book is a short story, so what price do I set it as. Do I set it at a low price, considering it is a short story? Or, do I set it at a slighter higher price, regardless it being a short story? I have a crazy imagination, which I do love, and it feels amazing when I can write it down on paper. It feels even better when others can read it, basically, welcoming people into my world. In that sense, I could give it out free, even at a low cost, but then, as mentioned before, I do love my crazy imagination. Does that make sense at all?

I read around how to price my story (ebook), and as it’s a short story, then the price range £1.99 and below, even to the extent to being free. My reaction…

1st – that does make sense considering this is my first book.

2nd – that does make sense considering it is a short story.

3rd – that does make sense considering it’s an e-book.

But wait…

IMG_97384th – It’s my imagination – structured to make sense.

5th – If I do set my price at such a low price, am I not discrediting my work? Does that even make sense?

6th – I want you all to feel the feelings of each character. I want you see yourself right there, in their shoes, see them, visualise them, visualise the surrounding. Simply see, what I see when I’m typing it. Am I being arrogant by stating that that is worth more than the £0.99 tag that apparently is associated with ‘new-comers’ and short stories?

7th – My goal is not to make money, I just want you all to enjoy it, hopefully, but I believe it is worth more, in fact, I can say the same for all authors.

8th – Being transported from this world to another is worth more than the usual price.

9th – I know its a short story, but but but, it still is a story.

So, I’ve decided to keep the e-book as £1.99, but I’m going to increase the price for the paperback, even if it is a short story.

But I go back to my original title, How do I market my book? I hope someone can help me answer!

Sadly, this post has become very long, and I may need to end it!

Next post, I’ll be posting up Kray’s character, well the way I visualise him!


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