Heart v Mind

The typical fight that exists. When you put yourself in the position of your character, this happens…

Heart v Mind

I now understand what it means to say,
Your heart says one thing, but your mind another,
But what do I know of what my heart shouts,
When I’ve always listened to what my mind utters?

Tell me,

I don’t need to shout, scream or even order,
Reality and logic will always be the best option,
My whispers are to help you to choose,
It’s enough to tell you not to favour risk over caution,

What you feel now means nothing,
Do not worry, soon it will be your turn,
But the one you look at now,
Each touch will only be cold enough to burn,


I’ll allow silence to envelope me,
Quieten my mind for once,
And ask my heart to speak,
Yet, is it safe to listen to your words and give you a chance?

Softly utter the words you want,
Or yell the words for me to hear,
Talk to me through your eyes,
Use the words to make things clear,


Life is nothing, without the heart,
Warm, cold, vulnerable, strong,
I exist to make you learn to feel,
But only you can choose right from wrong,

I both bring and stop your tears,
I make you smile, yet easily make you hide,
I can’t control the shell that you created around me,
But, I will always stand by your side,

I can’t boast about logic,
And Love is something only you can learn yourself,
can aid you with the process,
But always remember, never to lower yourself,

The Mind will remind you of caution,
Although, without risks, you will always regret, no?
Maybe not, if the Mind does its job properly,
I can’t promise you happiness, that you know,


If your mind is right, and your heart is not,
Then why turn to your heart?
Yet, if your heart is right, then why beg your mind,
To remind you that the heart can easily break apart?

So I’ll end it with this,

We may live in different worlds,
We may never cross paths the way I wish,
But a wish is just a wish and nothing more,
So why I do still wish for that one kiss?

© Fatima Begum

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