Getting back into Writing

Hi all! It has been some time, hasn’t it? Either way, I hope you are all well!

Today I thought I’d write a bit about getting back into writing. I had read numerous articles online and asked for advice on various forums, but nothing had helped. These authors, journalists, and writers are amazing, although their advice just didn’t hit me.

A Writer?

I won’t classify myself as a typical writer when it comes to writing a book. I tutor English, and I write in various writing styles – jumping from one to the next. What happens, when a Creative person also is considered an Intellectual? No arrogance intended – I am actually both. Ideas and scenes for each book, end up constantly playing in my mind. I can picture, how the conversations are played out. Add to this, the want becomes a need. Did that even make sense? Yep, loads of questions too. 

Either way, I have ideas and scenes, for each book, constantly playing in my mind – I mean, I can picture how the conversations are played out. 

But, it’s like this… from suddenly thinking about researching on Depression and how my character is most likely feeling, how I would need to portray him differently compared to the previous two books, to mind my switching to how my other book will develop; new characters, and story flow. Confused? Simply, emotions in a Romance book, to manipulation and mind games in a Psychological Thriller. Personally, I think this is enough to drive anyone crazy. 

Back to not being a typical writer then, I don’t plan things out because I end up ignoring it and taking a different direction whilst writing the actual story. I cannot set a time limit for myself and I just don’t seem to be able to follow all these rules that given across many writer’s blogs. Actually, to be honest, the steps that are advised, I had been doing them since I decided to turn my story into a book. The thing is, I enjoy the research side to things the most. That aside, how does one get a person like me back into writing? I’m jumping from one thing to another, which is a serious disadvantage because it is so hard to commit myself to one book without clicking on to another. This is when I fall into the hole of distraction. My words may be written on paper, but every time I come onto typing, I seem to stop and all motivation is lost.


Reading all the above, even I don’t know how I started writing again. I was so sure that after the long period of the break, I’d just stop. Guardian Angel would remain incomplete, The Boy in the Painting (need to rename), would remain incomplete and Book 2 & 3 will never exist. Imagine, notes and chapters just left around – they’re all organised of course. 

I nearly gave up until I was told to write short stories. Initially, he told me to try and write children books on the advice of his friend. At the time it was impossible because I already had two writing projects to complete. But when he advised me to try some short stories, that advice hit me. Books as a bit of the author in it and looking at mine, it definitely does. I need the reader to be able to watch the story, not be a reader, and I need them to constantly be engaged with it too. Boredom hits me unless something makes my mind tick and that’s something that’s poured out in my books. 

Sorry for the long post, but I think it was going to be one considering I hadn’t written anything in a while. I’ll be posting up the short stories, although I have a nagging feeling that it might just end up being a book! 


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