Guadian Angel 3 Chapter 6

Guardian Angel: The Story (Book 3) – I have yet to come up with chapter titles from here on. Hopefully, after completing the book, there will be titles. For now, Chapter 6 (I hope you’re all enjoying it! It’s not easy to write a story 😉 )

‘No, wait!’ Kray gasped. Looking around, he began to inhale deeply. ‘It was just a dream,’ closing his eyes, ‘just a damn dream!’ He growled. Feeling the tears, he swiped them aside.

‘Why can’t you just be real? Why torment me?’ He covered his face with his pillow. He could let out all the anger and frustration, but not the ache. He felt trapped.

Morning brought on more stress.

Pasting a smile on his face, he strolled into the hospital.  

‘The moon in my heart?’ He chuckled to himself.

Walking to towards the entrance, he noticed Daniel walking out. He wanted to call out his name but knew that Daniel was tired. Although, it was the questions that was rolling in Daniel’s mind that scared him. Keeping his head down, Kray walked through the door. Ruffling his hair, he made his way to his office.

Daniel watched Kray walk pass him, through the corner of his eyes. He had questions to ask, however, Kray seemed closed off today. He decided to walk by without acknowledging him.

What is going through your mind, Kray? Daniel thought to himself. He was stopped a few times by doctors, making their way to the hospital. It was not until his phone began ringing, did he notice the time.

He watched Dr Mala walk towards him. She looked radiant, as usual. ‘Dr Mala,’ he nodded at her.

‘Daniel, why can’t you ever call me by my name?’ Her smile did not falter.

He merely shook his head. ‘Too much respect for you, doctor,’ he returned a smile of his own.

‘Respect?’ She laughed. ‘Then why acknowledge me with part of my name? All I am asking you is to add the last few letters,’ she started pulling him towards the hospital.

‘Leave it, doctor. I need to get home. If I don’t leave now, then I’ll probably be involved in an accident. My eyes just want to close.’

‘That busy?’ She asked. Dropping his hands, she took a step back.

‘Unfortunately, yes. Although, fortunately, I’ve got today and tomorrow off, and I plan to make up all the sleep that I lost out on those days. So, please let me go,’ he stated.

‘Hmm. Sleep well,’ she turned and walked off.

‘Beautiful,’ he took a deep breath as he watched her walk away. ‘Kray is so damn lucky to have a lady like her after him.’

Getting into his car, he realised that he had several messages. They were all from Kray. Perusing through each one, he could not help himself but call Kray.

‘Hey Daniel,’ Kray responded to the call. ‘See, that is how you answer the phone.’

He silently laughed at the response. ‘Are you in love with me?’

‘Yes of course I am. Why else would I spend my every waking moment texting you?’ Kray asked.

‘I guess so. Three texts inviting me over to your home, the last one sounding more like a demand.’

‘Sorry about that. I realised after I pressed send. My Mother’s coming over. The flat should be nice and clean. Home cooked food too. Tempting? I love her and all, but I can’t be there by myself,’

‘Let me sleep in today, please,’ Daniel said aloud as he typed his response. Daniel closed his eyes and hit his head on the steering wheel. Exhaustion had taken over and all he wanted to do was sleep.

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