Guardian Angel 3 Chapter 12

Our whole conversation revolved Tom’s ex and how he got dumped.

‘No, it really isn’t my fault. I’m at work all the time. I tried to organise my shift pattern around her,’ he claimed.

‘You have shifts?’

‘Doesn’t everyone?’

‘What did you do then?’

‘Ah, Daniel?’ We all turned around. Kray was swaying on the spot, with one hand holding his head.

Realising that he was no longer by our side, Eli took the first step and rushed back to him. Tom and I stood there speechless.

‘What the hell guys!’ Eli shouted, pulling us out of our daze. That’s when fear hit in. Pushing pass Tom, I was by Kray’s side.

‘I’m fine, guys, just felt a bit dizzy.’

‘Just shut up. You can’t even stand straight,’ Eli boomed.

‘No, no, let go,’ shrugging Eli’s hands off his shoulders, ‘I’m fine. Let’s walk,’ looking at each of us in turn, he stated.

None of us made a move. Not knowing which way, he would fall, we ended up encircling him. Tom stood in front, whilst Eli and I covered his side and back.

‘Will you stop it?!’ He shouted. He got what he wanted, as we moved out the way. ‘Look, I can stand, and Tom, remove that skeptical look.’

‘Wish I could,’ he muttered.

Kray started walking ahead of us without any problems, so we followed suit.

‘Are you sure you’re fine?’ I asked, my words were laced with anxiety, fear, and worry. I felt a light nudge from Eli. It was his sign to let it drop.

We watched him carefully as he continued to walk.

‘Tom, why’d she dump you?’

‘Huh? Who?’

‘The girl you were talking about. What happened?’

‘Yeah, why did she?’ Eli asked, ‘You didn’t cover that part.’

‘Talking about how I felt is enough, don’t you think?’ Scrunching his eyes, he sent a side glance.

‘Please do continue, we all want to know,’ I pushed on.

‘Daniel,’ I felt a hand on my chest, but before I could hold it, it disappeared.

It felt as time had stopped as we watched him drop to the ground with a loud thud.

Kray lay crumbled on the floor.

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