Guardian Angel 3 Chapter 11

‘You guys finally made it,’ Tom stood up and walked towards us, drenched in water.

Eli and I stood motionless. The pool was large and bright blue. It really wasn’t a room to relax in. Certainly, there was an area where people can sit back and relax, but the large rectangular pool was more for swimming. Swimming was one thing I enjoyed, but it was also one thing that Kray could not do.

‘The music room is upstairs,’ I pushed out, tilting my head up.

‘Yes, I know. It was going to be the first room, but then when you gave the speech about how stupid we were, this hit me. One thing this psycho here can’t do, and would most likely try and do, which is…’

‘Swim. Where’s that damn kid?!’ Eli seethed.

‘Relax and pass me the plates. Take your anger out on the bottles. Actually, pass me one too.’

‘Leave the water, I’ve got juice. Apple for Tom,’ I said, passing him the bottle, ‘Eli, Apple or Orange?’


‘I’ll use Orange,’ I mumbled as I threw it against the wall. Eli smashed his on the ground.’

‘What, what are you doing?’ We both looked at Tom with open mouths.

‘I’m skinny, not toned or built like all you guys, so my bottle will just roll across the floor. Besides, my frustration mellows down at a faster rate than both yours, although this time I can still feel it in my veins,’ he looked down at the pool and started shaking his juice violently into the water.

I flicked my bottle into the pool, following Tom’s example.

‘I’m not in the mood for water. Do you have any Apple juice left?’ a voice echoed across the room.

All three of us turned to the direction of the voice.

Kray was tied back against a chair by his blazer.

‘I don’t carry rope with me,’ Tom said before any of us could pose the question playing in our eyes.

‘So, you…’ Eli trailed off. His eyes were wide and judging by his expression and body language, he had a lot of questions to ask. I knew I was mirroring him.

‘You’re only getting water after what you put me through!’ Tom yelled back.

I took in Kray’s appearance. The water had made his hair longer than it usually looked, with strands stuck to his face. His top buttons were undone, and looking back over to the pool, I noticed his tie floating near the edge.

‘I had to carry out CPR on the nutter. That’s mouth to mouth. He was floating in the centre when I found him. The amount of water that he choked out,’ Tom shook his head, ‘and then there’s the fact that he tried to crawl back into it when I was about to call you both. I literally carried him up over there and used his blazer to tie him up.’

‘I can easily loosen it!’ Kray shouted.

‘He’s too weak to walk down, so ignore him. It’s as if he’s drunk, that’s all.’

‘Should we not be concerned?’ Eli asked.

‘Not really. The most damage he can do to himself right now is slip and hit his head against the chairs. Cuts, bruises, all that is the consequence, but he’s too weak to even move his body. Look closely, he’s surrounded. I think I let out some of my frustration while pressing down on his chest.’

‘He’s got blood on his teeth.’

Turning to us, ‘Yeah, well, um, well, my knuckles may have played a role in his revival process. In my defense,’ holding both arms up, ‘it did wake him up from his daze. But damn his jaw. Do any of you have a plaster?’

I couldn’t help smiling. Picking up his hand, I examined the injury.

‘You’ll be fine,’ Eli slapped his hand out of mine, ‘let’s eat,’ he grumbled.

We made our way to the area looking over the pool. Placing the plates down, my eyes turned to Tom.

‘Stop it. I’m hungry, so I don’t care.’

All etiquettes out the door, we all just wiped out hands and began tearing, peeling and breaking apart whatever our hands touched.

‘This taste good, can I have yours?’

‘No! You work out, stick to the salad.’

‘We need protein,’ I said. No one had touched the salad.

‘In your mouth,’ Eli pushed a piece of chicken into Kray’s mouth, ‘now chew, up, down, up, down. Come on, you can do it,’ he continued as he held Kray’s jaw and applied pressure.

‘Imagine if someone came in now.’

‘No one knows about this part of the house. Just us.’

‘This house is a maze.’

‘Agree,’ holding up his bottle, Kray breathed out.

‘I’m still hungry. We can leave through the back door.’

I looked at the empty plates and bottles, ‘Should we not clear up?’

‘I’m not going to wear this suit again,’ we all turned to the pile of clothes lying on the floor, ‘besides, the cleaners will come over unless you want to jump into the pool and gather the bottles. I wonder who practices here.’

‘George used to swim. I played the piano, he took out his frustration by swimming,’ Kray said quietly. His eyes were fixated on the pool.

We watched him walk down the steps and kneel by the pool, dipping his fingers in lightly. ‘I used to sit against the wall, as far away from the pool,’ he chuckled, ‘and he would just mock me and tell me he would teach me.’

‘Why did you not learn from him?’ Tom asked.

‘Me learning to swim is equivalent to George learning the piano or violin. Impossible,’ he laughed.

We all got up and joined him, trusting him enough to allow him to dip his legs into the water.

‘I miss him. Forget the dream, forget the girl. I know you all want to know what happened. It was my story, my love story. No,’ he lightly shook his head, ‘no, love stories don’t exist. I was so caught up with something that wasn’t real that I started to convince myself that it did exist. OK, it’s not real, however,’ he turned to me, ‘I had convinced myself that it was.’


‘She probably is real. For some reason, I know she is, it’s just that I don’t know where she is. The feathers? I’m a doctor, not some angel. But the anger, the anger was real.’

‘What made you so angry?’ Tom touched his shoulder.

‘Everything. Knowing, yet not knowing what happened. George commits suicide, no one tells me why. I wake up from a coma, no one tells me how long I was out. I can’t even remember the accident clearly. I keep seeing green eyes. I go to a Psychiatrist for these weird dreams that won’t leave me. I guess that I’m just lost.’

‘Why don’t you take a break? You’ve been working since recovery.’

‘Hmm? The only problem with that is, I love my job. Ask Daniel, they wouldn’t allow me in surgery for months, so I spent it just studying. I’m a Trainee Consultant now and can go into surgery. I think I’ve improved too. What do you think?’ He turned to me.

‘Definitely,’ I smiled, ‘he knows all these terminologies that I don’t even know.’

‘Eli, Tom, how did you know about this event? I haven’t even been in contact with you both for months.’

‘Daniel told us,’ Eli patted my back, ‘Maybe not when studying, but we’ve been at the hospital countless times when you were out.’

‘Yeah. Just seeing you lying there, unconscious, was strange.’

‘You wanted to cut him apart! Serious, the things he was coming up with to make you wake up. He even brought in his violin and started playing for you.’

‘Well, you weren’t supposed to be there,’ narrowing his eyes, he responded.

‘Thanks, guys, seriously. I’m not sure what I could have done without you all.’

‘Us? Don’t you mean me?’ I asked with a smile.

‘Daniel, I’m the one who saved his life! I take credit for everything.’

‘OK, part-time some sort of superhero,’ Eli responded.

We all started laughing. The atmosphere had changed considerably. It was calm, soft and warm.

‘I’m actually hungry. What should we get?’ Kray stood up.

‘I’m still soaked because of you. Pass my things too, please.’

‘Our coats are in the closet, so if Daniel…’ Kray trailed off.

‘Not me. If your mum sees me, she won’t let me go. You know that. You all know that.’

‘True,’ he brushed his fringe back, ‘then El? Eli, can you collect our coats?’

‘Pass my blazer first. I’ll go now. You better not jump in again and that’s a warning,’ he pushed Kray up against the wall.

‘I know you love me, so I’m going to ignore the aggressive threat.’

‘My hair’s still wet,’ Tom suddenly said, shaking his head.

‘Stop it,’ I tried to cover my face from the water droplets, ‘your hair!’

Eli sniggered and walked out.

‘I hate it when my hair’s wet. You owe me new glasses.’

‘Me?’ Looking down, I asked.

‘No, not you. He does,’ he titled his head up, ‘he collapsed on it when he could no longer crawl.’

‘About that, sorry.’

‘It’s fine. I’ll choose the glasses, you’ll pay. Don’t worry about it.’

Kray scrunched his face and turned to me. I shrugged my shoulders and sat down next to Tom.

It took at least twenty minutes until Eli returned with our coats.

‘Where to?’ I asked as we all shrugged on our coat.

‘Up to you,’ Tom responded, ‘I’m still cold. Now I’ll have to button it to the top.

‘Don’t complain. Your military style coat looks great when buttoned up.’

‘You think so?’

‘What about mine, Daniel?’ Kray asked.

‘Huh? What about yours?’ I was buttoning up my own coat.

‘We’re not getting ready for some fashion show,’ Eli rolled his eyes.

‘I’m cold,’ Tom started jumping on the spot.

‘Serious, one more time and I’ll push you into the pool. Kray, his coat is almost the same as yours. The only difference being that yours in black and his grey. I guess the design is slightly different. It suits you both.’

‘And me?’

‘I thought you said,’ I stopped and took a deep breath, ‘alright, my question to you is, why the hell do you have fur on it?’

‘Posh event, requires such dressing, right?’

I slapped him across the back of his head, ‘Posh does not equate to fur. Burn it when you get home. You’re as tall as Kray, get a long coat. Definitely not the puffy type.’

‘I haven’t seen you slap us for years,’ Tom chuckled.

‘You’re extremely close to the pool, so I had to refrain.’

‘Where’s your coat?’ They all looked at me.

‘I didn’t bring one. I’m layered up with everything. My jacket is slightly damp. I also drove here, but didn’t expect all this to happen,’ I gestured to the above table and bottles on the ground. ‘What time is it?’

‘Past eleven,’ looking at his watch, Eli responded.

‘The guests are leaving.’

‘So? We parked in a private area, remember.’

‘Some sort of superhero came up with the idea.’

‘I knew I recognised the place,’ Kray stamped his foot down.

‘Enough, move, now,’ I just loved it when Eli took the lead.

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