Guardian Angel 3 Chapter 10

‘Kray, wait up,’ I shouted as I grabbed his arm.

‘Daniel, just leave it,’ he tried to pull his arm from my grasp.

‘Leave what? What was that out there?’

‘I was performing. Just doing what I was required to do.’

‘Performing?’ I shoved him back. Did he not realise the effect that he had had on everyone? On me? ‘You were exhibiting pain. You were bringing everyone into your world, Kray.’

‘Yes, so? I didn’t mean to. It just happened,’ I watched him run his hand through his hair.

‘It just happened? That’s why I kept telling you that you need to practice. You need to control how you feel. Argh,’ I ran my own hand through my hair.

‘Your hair’s a mess,’ he pushed me.

‘I have a comb. Ruffle your one. Running your hands through it does not suit you. Don’t forget your fringe too,’ I said as I tried to smooth my hair.

‘Wait,’ Kray grabbed my wrist, ‘don’t side part it. Just,’ he undid the parting and using his long fingers, he shook my hair, ‘a tousle look is far better.’

I flicked his hand off, ‘Leave the hair.’

We stood in the middle of the hallway, whilst he tried to gather himself. I could see that he was unsteady, but any moment, he would explode. The questions would erupt and knowing him, it wouldn’t stop. There were a lot of things that he needed to know, it was a question of how to go about with it.

‘Hey, Kray, Daniel! What the hell guys!’ I turned to the voice.

‘It was crazy out there!’ Another voice added.

Tipping my head up, I closed my eye and inhaled deeply, ‘Leave it, guys.’

‘What happened?’ The husky voice asked.

Turning my head, ‘Hello to you too,’ I responded to a tall, dirty-blonde haired man called Tom.

Holding his glasses in one hand, he rubbed his eye with the other, ‘That was pretty intense.’

‘I think you’re using that term too lightly. Literally, complete silence back there,’ Eli, a slightly dark-skinned Paediatrician with a deep voice, pointed his thumb back towards the main hall.

‘I think you might just be right, Eli.’

Both Tom and Eli were dressed in black suits. Eli’s bow tie was undone and hung loosely around his neck, whilst Tom’s top three buttons were undone.

Noticing my focus on their appearances, both tried to smooth down their suits.

‘Forget the tie,’ I pulled the tie from Eli’s neck, ‘you didn’t even tie it yourself.’

Snatching the tie back, ‘I didn’t have much time.’

‘What happened to your one?’

Eli started laughing, ‘Tom decided to work part-time in Forensics, and part-time some sort of superhero.’

Raising my brow, I couldn’t help smiling, ‘Your buttons are missing,’ flicking his collar, my smile widened.

‘He hasn’t quite mastered the transforming. All he thought about was Kray, as he pulled his collar loose.’

‘Shut it. I was concerned. Where has Kray gone?’ Shoving Eli, he began looking around.

‘Shit!’ I shouted, ‘He’s not in his right mind now. We need to find him before he does something stupid.’

‘He doesn’t drink though.’

‘You’re a doctor, he’s a doctor, and you’re a bloody scientist! Surely you can think of ways to harm yourself! Split, and find him,’ pushing them, I rushed to the first door I could find. Tom being the most logical one, would most likely find him, that I knew for sure.

This was what Kray was doing to me. Ever since the accident, I’ve felt like I was looking over him. He was still fragile, trying to remember things and piece together things that didn’t even make sense. What got to most was his dream. His obsession with this girl and black feathers! ‘If anything, I feel like I’m his Guardian Angel, in disguise!’

Walking into a room, I switched on the lights and made a quick sweep of the room. It was one of those ‘forgotten’ rooms, it even smelt of loneliness. A rusty chandelier hung on the ceiling. Shutting the door, I pulled out a wipe and started rubbing my hand. It was a habit that Kray and I developed. Eli and Tom definitely had a packet each, tucked away in their inner pockets.

I moved down three more rooms, the last of which was decorated in red glitter. There was a line of tables, all dressed up. Red was clearly the theme and most likely a buffet was prepared. Even the tables matched the whole look.

‘Food!’ I suddenly heard Eli’s voice. I glanced over my shoulder.

‘Forget the food. It’s probably for some other party.’

‘What’s wrong with you? This is for us. The food is steaming,’ pushing me forward, he lifted the lid of one container.

‘Are you, wait, what?’

‘The stage was robed with red. The guests will be coming soon,’ passing me a plate, ‘we place food on the plate, sit down and eat,’ he explained as if I was a child.’

‘Stop it!’ I pushed the plate on his chest, ‘I’m not one of your patients.’

‘No, you’re not. You’re not a child, you’re an adult. But, that’s how I talk to my patients, who are young children.’

I waved off his comment and looked around.

Eli and I reached into our pockets simultaneously for our phone as we heard a ping.

‘Tom texted. He’s found–’

‘Kray. He’s going to call,’ Eli looked down at his phone as it began ringing. ‘Yeah, sure.’

‘Where?’ holding my phone to my ear, I asked.

‘What? What’s he doing near the pool?’

We stood there listening to Tom’s explanation.

‘Crying? Food? Sorry, what?’ I asked.

Eli muted his phone, ‘He’s asking to get a plate of food for Kray. Might as well get one for all of us,’ unmuting it, ‘don’t worry, we’ll get it. Daniel, I’m in the food room.’

‘Food room? Is that what this place is called?’ I continued down the phone.

‘I don’t know. Here’s a plate for Tom,’ picking up the same plate, he passed it back to me.

‘Um, yeah. It’s not our fault that you didn’t catch on. Yeah, he’s right next to me,’ I moved my phone from my ear.

‘That loud?’

‘He’s fuming. But I really am concerned. Just hang up because it’s better to hear it all in one go,’ dropping the plate on the table, I picked up another and began piling it with food.

‘Hey, your phone is still on.’

‘I know, I want him to hear it,’ smiling, I leaned down to my pocket, ‘relax and save it all when we get there.’

Filling up our plates, I tucked in bottles of drinks in my blazer and pockets.

‘Fill yours with water.’

‘Do you think they’ll be happy?’

‘When it concerns the food, I’m more worried about what Tom will say. Kray wouldn’t care, in his condition. He’d prefer to starve and sleep.’

‘Definitely sleep. As long as he has his job, the hospital, and his piano, he acts almost human.’

‘We just need for this night to be over. Come on, move.’

We walked out of the room, carefully carrying the plates.

‘I hear voices,’ Eli whispered.

‘Why whisper? They’re a distance off, and we’ve made it to the area where no one comes.’

‘True. Back to the topic, why did his dad tell him to perform when he knows the state Kray’s in?’

‘Not entirely sure, and it’s not my place to question any of this.’

‘What’s your view then?’

‘Mine?’ I stood still and tried to come up with possible reasons. His dad was so complicated, and it had to take an accident to see why Kray disliked it all. Disliked him because hate was too strong. ‘I honestly can’t think of any. What’s your view?’

‘I can’t answer that question clearly, simply because I don’t know how strong his relationship is with his dad. I mean, I got the backing of my dad when I said that I wanted to be a teacher. Although, I decided to get into medicine when he pointed out three things.’

‘Three things?’

‘Let’s move before these get cold. But, yeah, three things. Do I like helping people, considering I helped in the Shelter? Do I enjoy my Sciences, considering I put way too much effort in when I knew I’d pass either way? Finally, are there other ways of helping children?’

‘Put together, Medicine fitted your skills. Right?’

He merely shrugged his shoulders, ‘With Kray, I think his dad wanted to help him remember things. This was probably his way. Successful or not, the intention was most likely good. His dad wasn’t even in the room to hear him perform.’

‘He never is,’ I scoffed.

‘There you go then. He wasn’t present because that’s how it was usually. Before you get annoyed, maybe think about why he doesn’t appear. Some children get nervous when their parents watch them perform, so the parents usually stand at the back to watch it all,’ he smiled, ‘rich as his dad is, I guarantee those cameras aren’t for show, and the light didn’t follow Kray’s steps just for the audience. His way of watching him. Besides, they are always prepared to come running or know when to leave the kid alone.’

‘You know, you could actually compete with Tom on logic,’ his reasoning seemed logical to the extent that I was extremely impressed.

‘Tom works in Forensics. Most of the time, he’s trying to piece together a criminal investigation that isn’t even in his job description! I can guarantee you that the police are never happy when his theory turns out right. It’s just crazy,’ he didn’t seem happy with the comparison, passing a side glance.

‘Not that way,’ steering him to the left, I said.

‘Do you even know where we’re going?’ He asked.

‘Left door. It’s ajar so just push it.’

Eli used his back to push and widen the gap, ‘Tom?’

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