“Never doubt a friend, 
Because once you begin that,
Then ask yourself this,
‘Were you friends in the place?'”

“Never break up with a friend, 
You may think that they’re not there for you,
But, did you ever think,
That they may need you?”

“Never wait for their call,
Did it cross your mind, 
That they may be going a rough time?
That they may be experiencing pain of their own?”

Ask yourself why there is a distance,
Silence of days, weeks, months, years, 
Before you follow all these ‘quotes’, 
Negative quotes about friendship.”

“Pain comes and goes, 
Lives need to be lived, 
Families need to be looked after, 
But friends, even after 12 years, they’ll remember you.”

There’s always one that you can turn to, so smile 🙂 (teeth showing!)

© Fatima Begum

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