Forgive Me

What I was feeling, poured out on paper, and then on my site!

Forgive Me

I beg for your forgiveness,

On my knees, 
I beg for your forgiveness

My forehead, touching the ground, 
I beg for your forgiveness

I feel the tears,
But, my attention is only on you,
Feel them slide down,
But, my attention is only on you
Feel them touch my lips,
But, my attention is only on you 
Hot and salty, they taste,
But, my attention is only on you

My nose is runny,
But, it’s only your forgiveness, I beg,
Yes, it’s hot and won’t stop,
But, it’s your forgiveness, I beg,
I reach for a tissue, 
But, it’s your forgiveness, I beg,
I clean and wipe it with such force, 
But it’s your forgiveness, I beg

Only praising you, continuously,
Can diffuse any anger that I hold,
Whispering how great you are, continuously,
Can ease my pain,
Glorifying you, continuously,
Can calm my mind, my thoughts, the confusion,
And asking for your forgiveness,
Only, for your forgiveness, continuously,
Can make me patient

Patience and Belief are the two key words. 
None can understand the meaning they hold for me
Love, in abundance, I have for you,
But the fear, of losing those two words, 
Scares me most,

So please forgive me 
If causing any pain on others
If ignoring the responsibilities 
If breaking your trust

But you are the most merciful,
The wise,
The greatest, 
So, please protect me,
Keep me patient,
And never to lose hope and my belief in you.

You are the most forgiving,
And for that,
I will continue to beg for your forgiveness,
Until my last breath

©Fatima Begum

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