Dr Howard

‘You had another dream?’ Dr Howard asked.

‘Yes, yes I did. This time it was different,’ Kray responded.

The lights were dimmed, and Dr Howard sat by his desk, scribbling away at the new piece of information that Kray was parting on him. Kray lay on the long sofa, looking up at the ceiling. The room was surrounded by solid, cream coloured walls. Although there weren’t any windows, the air conditioner kept the room fresh.

‘Now then, what did this dream entail?’ Dr Howard ruffled his sandy grey hair, whilst still looking down at his note pad. His glasses were on the tip of his large nose. ‘Go on,’ he pushed.

Kray closed his eyes and begged his memory to recreate the dream. ‘Well, I was in this strange place. There was an arc.’

‘An arc?’ He continued to quiz. ‘What did it look like? This arc?’

‘There were vines and flowers. It was made from strands of sticks, maybe? I just remember that it looked unusual. Not sure how it got there.’

‘Anything else?’ Dr Howard questioned. He looked up at Kray.

Kray exhaled deeply and slid off the large sofa. Looking straight at Dr Howard, ‘I can’t remember anything! You’re supposed to help me get rid of it!’ He growled.

‘Well,’ Dr Howard began calmly, ‘sometimes, we need to let it out before we try to forget,’ he finished. He had placed his pen and notepad onto the desk and looked intensely at Kray.

Unable to stay under his gaze any longer, Kray began to pace. ‘I do not know why I keep having these strange dreams.’ Of course I know why. I know why her eyes continuously appear in front of my face, Kray could not help thinking. But, he would never admit it.

Dr Howard picked up his pen once again. ‘Alright Kray, shall we leave it there. It seems that these memories are disturbing you,’ he stated.

‘No. No, please. Just a little bit longer,’ Kray quickly replied.

He dropped himself onto the large sofa. Closing his eyes, he willed his memory to open up. The image of Daniel and Lily locked in an intimate embrace, suddenly flashed into his mind.

‘No. He would never do that to me,’ Kray mumbled, shaking his head.

‘Who-who? Kray, who would never do what?’ Dr Howard was on him again.

Kray opened his eyes and sat up. ‘I have to go, Dr Howard,’ he said, as he pushed himself off the long sofa.

Dr Howard slowly wheeled back to his desk, nodding his acceptance. ‘You’re preferable time please? I’m free on Monday at 10, morning, 3, afternoon or 6, evening?’

‘Six, please,’ Kray responded. He leaned forward to pick up his laptop. She had a laptop too.

‘Take care of yourself. You’ve opened up a lot today. I will advise you against driving tonight,’ he looked up from his diary.

‘Do not worry, your office is a walking distance from me,’ Kray smiled and walked out.

‘Well, that was extremely interesting,’ Dr Howard said aloud. He looked down at his note pad and had circled a name. ‘Who are you?’ he murmured to himself, before shutting the book.

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