Chapter Forty

Opening his folder, he pulled out several sheets and piled them on the table. Sitting down, he placed his elbows on the table. Looking directly at my mum with clasped hands, ‘We have found his body.’

‘No, no, that cannot be right,’ I watched as my mum shook her head and tightened her hands on the table to prevent herself from dropping.

Mrs Smith-’

‘I said no!’ She slammed her palm on the table. ‘Kelly, please take Jamie to his room. I prefer you to go to your room too. Do not listen to this man. Your father is perfectly fine,’ she nodded towards the door.

Jamie and I made no attempt to move. We both stood there shocked and speechless.

‘I said go!’ She yelled.

I grabbed Jamie’s hand and roughly tugged him out of his own thoughts. What are you thinking about Jamie? Lifting my head up to meet my mum’s eyes, I gave her a slight nod; then directed my eyes to the figure in front. He was bent over, most probably readying the papers he had brought along.

‘Now, from you sir, I want a form of ID,’ I heard her demand, as we walked out the room.

‘Wait, Kelly,’ looking down, I saw Jamie crouch near the door. His palm was placed on the door to prevent me from shutting it fully.

‘Clever,’ I whispered as I myself peeped through the gap. I wanted to capture everything, from what they were talking about, to the tone of their voices and body language. That was the only way to understand the situation and what each felt. Was it not?

‘My name is Inspector Kevin Walker. Please do have a seat,’ we watched him gesture towards the chair on the opposite side of the table.

‘Who is he?’ I heard Jamie whisper. Whether it was directed at me or not, I did not know, so I just merely shrugged my shoulders.

‘Here’s my ID. I am not an ordinary officer otherwise you would have seen at least two of us. I am here on my own, investigating two murders. One of your husband, and one of the lady who was with him,’ his voice was deep and emotionless.

‘See that is where you are wrong. My husband is not dead. Yes, I admit that he is missing, but he is not dead.’

‘Such conviction? I am slightly shocked. I just mentioned a lady was with your husband, also found dead, and you paid no attention to her?’

‘Why should I? We are speaking of my husband here,’ she was challenging him. I guess one could call it challenging.

‘Tell me Mrs Smith, do you know who this is?’

‘Kelly, what is happening?’ I felt Jamie tug at my dress.

‘He slid something across to mum,’ flicking my eyes down, I quietly said. ‘Mum?’

My mum held a shocked face. Something played in her eyes. Something that clearly stated that she knew the person. Now it was a question of whether she would admit it. If this investigator was any good, he would know too.

But what will she say?

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