Chapter 7

“Where am I?!!” I questioned myself loudly.

I heard a loud blast. I couldn’t see anything properly, the smoke was too thick and I didn’t even have a mask!

“Please don’t let it be the Second World War AGAIN! France? Germany? USSR? Britain?

As I looked around, I noticed that I was surrounded by trees. But that wasn’t what shocked me. It was the mere fact that I was holding a gun. I took a closer look. “No use and a waste, I know nothing about guns to identify what sort I’m actually holding. Hmm what was it my Professor said all those years ago? No wait, I’m holding a bloody gun!!” I threw it to the ground and backed away.

“Where is everyone?” I continued looking around on the spot. The trees had disappeared and I was standing alone. The floor was muddy and a mist started falling from the sky just like rain.

“Ok this is getting weirder and weirder,” I said as I stretched my arms and start taking in all the little details that I missed out.

“Ok, so I’m wearing a brown uniform and mud deep boots,” I continued talking to myself aloud as if it was a natural thing. I moved my hand to my head and felt a helmet. “Hmm, why did I not notice it before?”

Suddenly, my surrounding turned white. Yes it’s the mist. I’m in war, dressed up in a uniform as a soldier. Judging by the gun, I’d say it’s the Second World War. Wait, it’s a BESAL gun! I knew I’d remember. “How did I know that? I’m certain I didn’t enjoy the lectures covering weapons!”

Hey there’s the unicorn! Been looking everywhere for you,” whispering, I moved forward.

“So blue and silvery,” I slid my hand up and down the smooth body.

Wait what? A war with guns, smokes and blasts, then a unicorn turns out from nowhere? I was a soldier in war? Not possible if my deduction skills are correct!

What’s that ringing?

Sofia slowly opened her eyes.

6:30 am

What?!! How many times did I press snooze. And that’s WITHOUT realising?

Ok fine Sof. You have half hour to get ready, that’s including a shower, 10 minutes to eat and 20 minutes to reach work. That’s IF you don’t miss the bus. Yes I’m talking to myself, as usual!

9:15 am

“Come on, drink some more coffee. That might help. I’ll get you another mug,” Diane advised apprehensively.

“Diane, you’re an amazing secretary, but you shouldn’t be making coffee for me. I should and will do it by myself.” Sofia walked up to her and gave her a tight hug. “Besides, I’m craving the taste of Monster right now,” she smiled.

“That has a horrible smell. Please drink it in the coffee room, it’ll stench up your office!” Diane replied, scrunching up her nose. She noticed Sofia’s dark eyes. All that anger, fire and spark has completely gone and this was worrying.

“Sof, love, tell me what happened.” Diane asked, employing the usual motherly skill she possessed and saved for Sofia. “Should you even be in? I still need to file everything and sort out the paperwork for the new case before you can start. Do you want to go home whilst I take care of it all?”

Sofia just looked straight at Diane’s blue eyes with a blank expression. Diane looked back at the dark brown eyes.

The only thing that gave away Diane’s age was her silver grey hair tied up in a tight bun, Sofia thought. But right now she needed to smile. She needed to act enthusiastic, at least for everyone else even if Diane could see through her.

“It’s alright Di. I’ve got a few things to do and then I’ll probably head home. It’s just no one’s home either. I was actually hoping you would invite me round so I wouldn’t need to cook.” A hopeful spark flashed across Sofia’s eyes.

“Since when have you asked? You’ve gatecrashed too often young lady.” Diane couldn’t help chuckling. “Shall be cooking vegetarian tonight then.” With that, Diane walked out the room.

As soon as she shut the door, Sofia collapsed onto her chair. Leaning back on the seat, she closed her eyes and saw the faces in the court room. One face she recognised clearly, but Daniel was not important at all. It was the guy standing next to him. Messy black hair, looked as if he rummaged through his hair with wax. Clean shaven face, clear grey eyes, or was it blue, she never could tell. The pale face, tie, shirt, sleek silver suit, was enough to catch anyone’s attention. But it was his expression that caught hers. Was it surprise? Sudden recognition? Impressed? Worry? God knows, but she was hoping that it wasn’t the guy that she knew years back.

Opening her eyes Daniel flashed across her mind. The toad, that smirk she thought she had forgotten was there again. Just an older version.

Oh if I could just slap the guy!

She sat up, stretched her arms and thought about her dream.

Wow I haven’t dreamt about that for years! My land looks different though. Anyways such things do not exist. You’re a realist Sof , imagination will get you nowhere.

Ignoring Diane’s advice, she started drowning down a Monster and continued thinking about him.

Did he live close by? Will I see him again. No no, do I really want to see him?

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